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Debate between Trump and Biden
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30 Sep 2020, 03:42
Bloop Owner
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You know it's got to be a forum discussion. Did you watch the debate, and did it change your opinion on anything?
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30 Sep 2020, 19:52
Greta Garbage
Bloop Community Companion
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Steve, Steve, Steve.....miss the bloop drama? LOL No, I did not watch. I never do and especially now. I knew it would be a crap show. I, however, did read my Facebook feed last night and had some rather good laughs at my friends reactions to watching. The majority turned it off quickly. One friend lasted 20 minutes. I don't have patience for crap shows.

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4 Oct 2020, 01:11
Ethan James

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are you REALLY going to do this Steve? Well, the hubbs and I caught the tail end of it, and it was absolutely crazy. Trump was talking over Chris Wallace AND Biden--- when it was even Biden's turn. We muted it and waited until the end[they usually do a lot of interviews with other political people] and the looks on their faces were priceless.
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4 Oct 2020, 05:31
Bloop Owner
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It was definitely unlike anything I've ever seen ;-D
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