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xSlashxSkullsx's Diary
by xSlashxSkullsx

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This one phrase has many different meanings in my life and can occur frequently everyday. I enjoy it every time is happens too. I also believe that everyone feels like way at one point or another, for there is no way for I to be the only bearer of this emotion. You can get it when someone cuts you off suddenly in traffic, or you get hit by a door opening. But the thunderstruck that I enjoy and look forward to is that of beauty. Whether the beauty refers to a sunrise or a bright moon in the sky. Most of all, since I am a person who likes to people watch, is the beauty of a women. I of course am a guy, and I know most of you would assume I observe the physical aspects and yes that does add to the all around package, but I know that beauty runs deep into people. When I see a beautiful girl, I like to take every detail of them in. The way their hair flows if it is down, the color of their eyes. Most of all is a smile, that is always a plus if it just stops you in your tracks. I don't want any of this to come across as lust or any way in a sexual premise, I only am stating this out a an empirical observation. In no way is it meant to be creepy or stalkerish, just that I enjoy gazing upon a beautiful girl is all. Just like girls like going out and looking for good looking gents.

A downfall to beauty which is something that I have experienced is ego. All girls or guys who know that they are good looking have a sense of self worth that others who might not the same features have. To give an example, the girls that walk past you and are walking in such a way so that they enjoy the thought of looking at you. With their chin slighty raised, chest pushed outward making an arch in there back and their ass also pushed out. Yes she probably beautiful but only until she opens her mouth, when all of that beauty counts for nothing. The best and what I to see as the noblest of beauty is personality, the statue could be amazing but if it is hollow its not complete. So to get the full effect of a person whether male or female, I think you have to talk with them. Get to know how they think, what drives them, do they feel sympathy, laugh and smile and actually listen to you when you talk? These are just a few examples of inward aspects that should be considered. All in all, beauty must be admired then appriciated then interpreted. Good day to you.

Stay classy.

previous entry: All along the watchtower

next entry: Moving pictures

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