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xSlashxSkullsx's Diary
by xSlashxSkullsx

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Moving pictures


One of my favorite holidays is approaching ever so quickly and this year I am enjoying it in a different way then past years. I am talking of course about halloween. In past years I have gone to a friends house or walked around attempting to get as much candy as possible. This year however I feel like I have tapped into the best way to enjoy the day, scaring people! I have been working at a haunted house for about three weeks now and it quite possibly is one of the most enjoyable times I have ever had. I get to scare the crap out of people and get paid for it! I almost wish I could do this all year round and quit my other lame ass job, but I can't. This is the last weekend of me tackling both jobs at the same time. For the past month every weekend has been me working my first job and then going straight to my second. I have been one tired guy by Monday let me tell ya. But I wanted to do this for the experience. I have met so many really nice people and have gotten closer to others I wasn't as close too. Most of all, almost every person who works there is one of my really good friends. So I'm getting paid to hang out. Greatest job ever!!

Other then that nothing really has been new in my life. Same shit different day is a good way of looking at it. I have my dad harping on me to get good grades, which I have ever semester but of course he can't be encouraging, only demanding, and it gets old. My classes are not hard but I just don't apply myself, I know I could get all A's but I'm just way to lazy. So I guess I will just have to once again please him before myself. Maybe one day he will realize that maybe his son isn't outgoing and a genius like he is. Maybe his son just wants to be excepted by his father as who is is, not who he wants me to be. Anyway, I digress, all in all life is okay, need to hang out with this one person though, I have been kinda neglecting here lately, and I feel bad.

Stay classy.

previous entry: Thunderstruck

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and who is this person that you are neglecting?

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