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by valencia

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Hawaii Vacation-A little life lately.



We just came back from vacation in Hawaii, and it was a blast. Another state crossed off!!!

It was really fun!
We did two days in the Disney Resort Auliana. Holy shit the most beautiful resort I have ever been too. We want to go back so bad!! So gorgeous and really We were speechless as we walked in. Everything is very traditional Hawaiian. It is so gorgeous and very expensive like 2k a night expensive. Ryan's mom paid for it. We could never afford this. 😔

We did Pearl Harbor half a day then the other half at the resort. Honestly I would have loved to stay in the resort the whole two days but Ryan's mom wanted to show me because she has gone many times before. And Ryan has gone a few times also.

The first night we got there we did the Disney Luau, it was so magical and beautiful. Never been to a Luau, then the following morning we did Pearl Harbor and that was very sombering especially because my grandfather fought in War War II, there are like over 500 men still buried underneath. It is so damn sad, and they are not able to move the boat because it has a ton of oil and explosives, it is so insane.

We also visited Iolani Palace it was about the history of Hawaii and indigenous royalty. It was awesome and of course they talked about us colonizing the island because we are colonizers. I swear this country has such a dark history.

We were going to go to the Bishop Museum, even had tickets and everything 🙄, when we arrived they told us that they were filming a show at the Musuem, so annoying. So we couldn't go even when we called (two weeks prior)and they told us they would be open on that day.

On one of the days we drove to the north shore, so gorgeous and a beautiful community. We shopped at some shops, had lunch , and then we had shaved ice hawaiian style. It started pouring as soon as we got to the shaved ice place. It was such a unique experience. I was telling Ryan ,that if he would have told me a year ago this would be our life, I would think he is crazy. Can't get better than that moment that I will savor forever. In the pouring rain eating shaved ice outside with the love of my life. It was awesome.

We also went to the dole plantation and that was an experience in itself. We took a train ride through the area where they grow pineapples (mainly) and different fruits. The dole whip was also invented there. So good!!! Also in the middle of the train ride the train broke down.. so crazy, so we had to get off and walk a bit to the area where the train ended. Then we saw a botanical garden, with hawaiian native flowers.

On this day in North Shore we saw Matthew McCaughey, it was insane. He was shopping with his son for a swim suit. It was pretty wild to witness it and No one bothered him at all. It was like just any other person. Turns out he has a 2nd house there and everyone knows him and he is a regular. He had no entourage, no nanny, nothing just him and his son.

We then went to Kuoloa Ranch where they have filmed so many movies and shows like Lost, 50 first dates, Hawaii 5-0, Jurassic Park and many more. They rode us around the ranch and basically it was a set tour. It was pretty awesome. We went into some bunkers and we saw so much memorabilia and at the end they had Lost Items. I freaked the fuck out because that is my very favorite show ever. They had the original computer, a lot smaller in person. I literally lost my mind and it was so freaking cool. They had a ton of Lost items.

If we ever go back to Hawaii, we want to go back to the ranch and visit Bishop museum. Hawaii beaches are gorgeous and just breathtaking. It is everything you see in movies or photos and more. We stayed at another resort in Waikiki called the Moana Surfrider. Another Hawaiian resort. So gorgeous and right on the beach. We went to the aquarium and ate in many different restaurants there. We had sushi and a lot of pork. We had a ton of Hawaiian food. So goof! The sushi was the best I have ever had!!!

I also forgot to mention that we took a submarine a legit real one in the middle of the Pacfic. That was amazing and really on my bucket list since I can't snorkel. We saw so many sharks and reefs and also the tour talked about ocean conservation and what they do to create more fish and reefs. It was awesome!!

All in all the trip was amazing experience and very fun! It was a week but I feel like it went by so fast.

We want to now visit Portland hopefully during the spring or summer for a long weekend. But now we have to focus on moving out of this house and finding an apartment. We want to move out sometime early March. On Saturday we have three apartments and a house to go see. Then we will start applying to them once we Tour then. All the tours are set up.
I am a bit nervous because I am scared of being homeless.

Our roomate is the most annoying asshole person ever. So we are itching to get the fuck out of here.

Anyways I will keep you all updated on moving to our new place. Fingers crossed we get approve!!!

Peace, Valencia

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previous entry: Long time

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