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by valencia

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Long time


I been trying to type out an update for months but always get sidetrack. Anyways many changes, we are still at our place but our lease is up in April so we are excited about that. We can't wait until we can move out. Looking for a place but it seems a studio is becoming available next to Ryan's mom so we are going to look into that.

In October we went to Disneyland, my 1st time ever!! Truly magical and a dream come true. A bucket list vacation for sure. Now I am hooked and can't wait to go again. Ryan's mom is trying to get us yearly passes so we can go whenever. Next month we are going to Hawaii!!! I have never been and can't wait. We are staying at this super expensive resort called Aulani, disney themed. We are going to go on a tour of where they filmed a bunch of movies and shows. We have some musuems planned. I can't wait.

I am now working from home and it is amazing. I love it!!

Life is pretty amazing!
Except for one thing.
I am now estranged from my family it sucks not what I wanted but it is my reality.

I am trying to enjoy my life and make the most of it. We have concerts planned for next year and a few more trips. We love to travel but also will be traveling back home to visit family. I need to go and visit my moms grave and take Ryan to visit my mom's grave and my grandmother.

Friday I got us tickets to visit a themed bar in the city (SF). I love that we live so close to the city, we are trying to see if we could find a studio in SF because right now the housing for rentals is hitting rock bottom. Ryan has a full-time job and works in the city. With our combined incomes we make decent income and can def afford the city but only if the Studio by his moms is not available. Anyways I got side tracked again,on Friday the bar is christmas theme and I got us tickets last month. Can't wait! We are going to have dinner then go to the bar!!! I also want to go see the lights in Union Square and just walk around the city.

Anyways that is all I have for now.
Happy Holidays!
Hope to write again soon!

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previous entry: Dead

next entry: Hawaii Vacation-A little life lately.

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