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by valencia

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Hello everyone!

So I have so much good news on the home front but don't want to jinx it either or self-sabotage but I am to excited.

So last Saturday we went to go look at a home but it was not the right fit for us so afterwards we went to Ryan's mom house and she suggested that we do a mortgage application and she said she would gift us the down payment and if you know anything about homes in Cali and how expensive they are. Literally the least expensive home we have found if we want to buy is like 300k which is basically a 2 bedroom which is fine we don't need something big.

His mom said she would gift us 50k for a down-payment and me and Ryan both looked at each other and were like yeah right but nope she was for real. She explained how that we would be paying the same mortgage payment for a house and an apartment and that it is probably better for us to atleast try to get pre-approved for a mortgage. So we did the application right there and then, By Tuesday the mortgage broker was asking for more documents and by Wed they checked our credit and I know my credit was really bad (got bad when covid hit and lost my job, long story.) I am currently working on my credit. The mortgage broker said that if we could get a cosigner to sign with Ryan because apparently Ryan got approved but they couldn't get me approved with him because of not credit. Income is sufficient but Ryan's is not with mine it would but my credit is not good and at first Ryan's mom was like nope I won't Co sign but then I convinced her and also the mortgage broker told me that if I could fix my credit within the next few years we could refinance and take Ryan's mom off and put me on there but I have to fix my credit. I currently working with a credit repair company and yes it has increased just not enough. So Ryan's mom is a co-signer for a mortgage with Ryan and fingers crossed we will get the pre-approval letter by Friday and can go see homes by the weekend.

I am not sure how fast we can get this closed and find a home but it seems we will have an actual house instead of an apt. We are so excited hopefully it goes through. We are lucky that Ryan's mom is giving us a down-payment and Co-signing. I will keep you all updated!!!

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previous entry: Hawaii Vacation-A little life lately.

next entry: Pre-approval letter

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