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by valencia [online now]

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Clothing shopping.


Last night I couldn't go to sleep so I ordered a bunch of clothes. Spent about 200 but I got so many cool stuff. And of course lingerie. I bought some things that I know he would love. He loves lace for some reason. So I bought some lingerie with lace. I hope it arrives in plenty of time. And I hope it fits me. And i bought one item from Torrid and holy fuck i forgot how expensive Torrid is. I hope to place another order from Forever 21 because i found a few things from there i love. But i spent the most money at Shein. My coworker gets all her clothing there and it is very fashionable.

I hope he loves everything but I love it too.

So I don't have to take uber, my dad said that when he comes and picks up Lucky he would take me to the airport. So I can save money there.

Anyways that is all I have.

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previous entry: San Fran

next entry: It is getting so close.

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