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by valencia

next entry: Clothing shopping.

San Fran


If everything works out the way it should I will be in San Francisco May 13th through the 17th. Ryan got both of his shots , he got his last shot last thursday. So I booked my flight that same night. Lol! And I am a nervous wreck. Omg! Flights and hotel are booked. I even bought new luggage. I bought so many gifts for Ryan. I might need another suitcase. Lol! And I ordered even more things on Saturday from etsy. Lol! My job gave me that Friday and Monday off. I fly back home on Monday at lunch time. I leave Thursday night my flight leaves at 8:55. I get out of work at 5:30 so I am going to ask my boss if I can switch my day in the office for working at home. I usually work from home M,W,F so that week I want to work at the office on Wed and Thursday I will work at home. If I work from the office on that day, I will be screwed because I would get out at 5:30 of work then come off and it takes me about an 1 hr with traffic to get home then I would have to take a shower then I would have to call uber. I probebly would not get to the airport until 7 30 which would be okay but depending how long security is and I have luggage that I have to check in so I need enough time because if not omg I will be freaking out. I live 6 miles from the airport so I can call Uber and they will take me to the airport. I am going to have everything packed and ready to go by 5:30 PM because my plan is to get to the airport no later than 6:30 PM. I am going to take a shower and put some comfy airport clothes then get the uber and go to the airport. I am a planner , I plan everything. Lol I am weird! I hope I don't get nauseous on the plane but after I get through security then I will I buy some water and ice and probably some ginger ale. I think I will be to nervous to actually eat a full meal. I will probebly eat some protein so I can be just full for the remainder of the 4 hr flight.

I privatized all my previous posts, I wanted a fresh start.
So I have Emmanuel blocked on fb and my phone and he is still trying to contact me. The messages go to my blocked messages though.

My dad will be taking care of Lucky.

My 90 days will be up on the 30th of this month for my job. Hopefully I make it through I am kind of nervous about that also.

Anyways that is all I have! I will update soon.

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next entry: Clothing shopping.

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