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by valencia

previous entry: Clothing shopping.

It is getting so close.


I am freaking the fuck out. Like just two more weeks and I will be in Ryan's Arms and I fucking can't wait. We been bickering though because I think he is freaking out even though he denies it. So I been keeping myself busy, this weekend i had fun canvassing for a local election that our local DSA-Houston endorsed. So friggin excited and hope she wins and if she does it will be amazing for our organization. After canvassing I went out with some of the canvassers for beer. We were physically exhausted that we were like we all want some cold beer. The weather was beautiful and perfect so we went to this local hangout that is outdoors. I love going there. I only had three beers, and the whole day I was bickering with Ryan and he was just ignoring me sigh so I was pissed off by the time I left the bar. Then we got into this screaming match and i was bawling my eyes out and he was upset because he upset me. Like we are both fucking stress. He thinks i won't like him when i see him and i am like there is no fucking way i wont. Like he has no idea how much I do infact love him. But he is about to find out on May 13th. On Sunday I was so damn stressed out and exhausted that my friend invited me to go smoke with him so i did. And we watched anime while smoking. It was fun. And I really needed that outlet. Cali has legal weed so I can't wait to smoke with Ryan at our hotel room. Ryan is also in DSA but in his town. So my friends toasted us and are excited for me.

Today I worked from home so I am able to try on clothing in between breaks. I got two of my orders today and just need my last order.
So most everything fits except two items. I get my last order Thursday and then tomorrow I should get another of Ryan's gifts and then hopefully next week I get the last gift. If I don't get his last gift then I am going to be upset. Because that is the gift he would love the most. Ughhh!

Anyways that is all I have for today. I am going to try to chill. This weekend I am going hiking with Lucky at a nearby trail outside of Houston. Can't wait!

Peace, Valencia

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previous entry: Clothing shopping.

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