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Emerald~Lies's Diary
by Emerald~Lies

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Me day


Laziest day ever today, husband is back at work, I've not bothered to get dressed at all today. Going to have a beef pie tonight so I've had diced beef slow cooking all day and the house smells heavenly. Basically just been playing Majora's Mask all day and snacking, with friends on  in the background, it's been bliss!! Got a 6am shift tomorrow but I think I'm on bakery and then main till at 8 so it should be a nice relaxed shift, I finish at 1. I know I'll be sitting there fretting over whether I'm pregant or not. I just want to know!! Purely so I can then inform my workplace and they can then make sure I shouldnt be doing anything a pregnant lady should be doing. It's nearly 8pm now, I should really get that pie prepped ......

previous entry: A new adventure

next entry: New Year Resolution


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LAZY DAYS ARE MY FAVOURITE. x [The RyanStar] [reply]

Nowadays they are few and far between!! [Emerald~Lies] [reply]

What are lazy days? I forget....
I'm in dire need of one though!

[Ethan JamesStar] [reply]

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