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That Girl Who Watches Movies and Reviews Them
by That Girl Who Watches Movies

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Twilight Saga: Eclipse


should have brought my vuvuzela

So, Let me start by saying this

I am not a fan of Twilight, movies or books however, I did enjoy the books more than the movies.

That said, if i had to pick one of the books as a "favorite" i would have to say Eclipse is the on the top of the list. Mainly because it involves a lot of minor characters and their stories, especially the stories of Alice and Jasper. I was always curious why those characters were pushed to the background. They weren't entirely irritating and Jasper always seemed like the type of vampire character i grew up with, that and the southern charm did it for me. So, i was intrigued by how
Jackson Rathbone would portray Jasper in the only movie Jasper had an actual PART to play as sadly, the other movies gave him literally 2 or 3 lines each (yes Jasper, i think everyone wishes they didn't want to kill Bella, but wishes don't ALWAYS come true, we will ALWAYS want to kill her).

so Jackson, how did you handle the pressure of only having ONE shot to really put some spotlight on your character?

not...bad. You gave it all you got considering what you had to work with and the scenes of Jasper's past were genuinely as interesting as the books. Now don't let me down in Last Airbender...but i know you will because M. Night will fuck it all up like he usually does...(but thats another review for another day)

Now, the rest of the movie?

I won't give it away, though most of you had read the books, but really, what is there to say? There's some high school romance between our lead bitches...both are co-dependent on eachother...Bella has to choose between mr. anger management and mr. controlling/manipulative disguised as concern...

But, me personally? i was curious to see how this "war of the newborns" would look on the big screen, and even now, im unsure of how i feel about it

I loved the idea of a vampire war and honestly, if the movie hadn't been pg-13 and if had been a bit more bloody and more what a vampire battle would typically look, i would have been impressed.

Stephanie Meyer, thank you for teaching me truth

vampires are made of clay! who'd have thought?

i don't want to be too harsh on the movie or the series itself, but it all plays out like a supernatural soap opera, from the acting, to the music, to the plotline.

I wished the action was more...action-y and that the plot was a little less cheesy, but it all gave me a good laugh.

i mean, if you're gonna show grinding and making out and pretty much dry humping...a little blood wouldn't have made the movie more offensive...

So, for what its worth, it was more watchable than the first two cinematic abortions but still not the Anne Ricean quality i have come to love from vampire stories.

huh, a funny thought just popped into my head...

tom cruise playing edward...


The Breakdown

This week's review- Twilight Eclipse

Number rating: eh...about a 5 i guess.../10

Next Week's review- Last Airbender (god help me)

classic layouts

previous entry: Rampage (2009)

next entry: Last Airbender, Toystory3 and Inception

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Oh, whoops, I told myself I wouldn't read this before I saw the movie. Oh well, I'm kind of looking forward to the minor characters' backstories. I really think that most of the background characters are more interesting than the main characters. Jasper especially.

[Aubrey;Star|0 likes] [|reply]

EXACTLY why i didn't give away the plot! and yes, the background characters are awesome

[That Girl Who Watche|0 likes] [|reply]

I can try. I've never been to a pagan store here in town and I don't know much about them (heck, I only know how to make a rosary b/c of my MIL) but I can try. I was looking on this site and it listed TONS of different kinds. What kind are you looking for?

Not sure what the cost will be, seeing as how I haven't made one before and I don't know what all it entails.

Let me know if you're still interested!

[Love, RebekahStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I will eventually see this movie...but not for a while. I haaaaate Twilight. Haha.

[Movies, UNL.|0 likes] [|reply]

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