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That Girl Who Watches Movies and Reviews Them
by That Girl Who Watches Movies

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Last Airbender, Toystory3 and Inception


So, I will make this quick

screw Last Airbender...just...SCREW you...I hate M.Night and everything he stands for and will punch him in the face if i ever see him in person. needless to say it was a horrible piece of trash that TRIES to be a good movie in the way a 2 year old TRIES to be a good artist, except this movie is not nearly as cute and M.Night is not 2 years old. Please, if you are a true fan of the show, do not put yourself through this movie. the dialogue is childish, the plot is not very well thought out, the editing is choppy and there are so many plot holes you can drive a mac truck through them.

a 2/10 and the 2 is only because the visuals were passable

Ok, that is out of the way...

Toystory 3. YES


this movie was probably the best send off that this film series could have. The writing was aimed for children as well for audiences and was very well conceived, the plot bitter sweet and original, the comedy was funny, the animation was nothing short of beautiful and I really got the sense that a part of my childhood, along with Andy, was grown and ready to say its last tearful goodbye, and I mean tearful. If you grew up with the original movie like I did, go with a box of tissues. but go, please go see this movie.

BUT, I would have to say, save the money on the 3D. They use the technology very subtly and while it does work and it just makes the movie more immersive, for most it would not be enough to warrant the extra cash and the pain of wearing those aweful glasses. I am just happy they didn't rely on the 3D cash cow that everyone seems to nowadays.

I mean, come on, Barbie gives a whole political speech about listening to the voice of the people...what more do you want?




I didn't know what to think about this movie from the commercials. I went in thinking a sci-fi crime drama that would be a great visual couple of hours and keep my CAPD contained and boredom away in this hot summer weather, but what I got, oh what I got was just short of an intellectual religious experience.

This movie was more or less about DeCartes theory on reality at work. Who is the puppeteer? who is the creator? what makes something real? how do we precieve things? who does the precieving? Think matrix of our decade if you will

actually, this movie takes the matrix, rips its nether regions off and proclaims itself king of the world in my opinion

see, i love philosophy and i am sure any philosophy101 student can tell you, that the matrix was the reference to make when explaining descartes

now i feel inception should be used.

it was just great from start to finish, it only lets you breathe just enough to catch your breath (mostly in the form of faceslapping) enough to take in the next plummet on this rollercoaster they have set up

I laughed, I was chilled, and I cried. Oh my goodness how I cried in this movie. it might be for personal reasons that I did or maybe I had just been so immersed that i felt emotionally invested in the characters, but by the end of the movie, I couldn't help just bawling my eyes out. In fact, only one other movie has EVER had the power to do that, Pan's Labyrinth.

It's intellectual, action-y, dramatic and romantic so that even if you DON'T get all the philosophical references, you still have an amazing thrill ride to enjoy

So, inception, definitely a 10/10

previous entry: Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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The last airbender was TERRIBLE. And I love the cartoon so much

[imaginary ordinaryStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I have heard SO MUCH crap about Airbender -- nothing good, and I had never seen any previews.

Toy Story 3 -- of course it's gonna be awesome! Lol all the others were great, and it looks like a good one. I wasn't interested in the 3D, though, so I'm waiting for DVD or something.

Inception -- looks good, am glad to hear you like it, 'cause I was hoping it would be as good as it looks.

[Aubrey;Star|0 likes] [|reply]

it really was worth the money! i hope i have convinced you to see it!

[That Girl Who Watche|0 likes] [|reply]

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