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That Girl Who Watches Movies and Reviews Them
by That Girl Who Watches Movies

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Rampage (2009)


Sorry readers!

So, out of a request, i decided to review the movie Rampage. Now, going into this, knowing it was directed by the GENIUS of our time, Uwe Boll, i expected nothing but horrible, laughable, groaning shit. I can say, it wasn't nearly on the level of blood rayne or alone in the dark, so i can't entirely complain.

I looked up some information about this movie before hand (hey, i do it all for you folks) and found out our lead douchebag sociopath, is played by Bredan Fletcher who has ALSO been in Alone in the Dark and Blood Rayne. Why would Brendan go into another Uwe Boll movie knowing his horrid past? who knows. Lets look into this movie's plot.


So, we start with our lead douchebag/sociopath named Bill (not that his name matters) and Bill is being asked to get his lazy ass out of the house and start living on his own. Well, this just starts a bad day for Bill as after he spits out some (apparently) disgusting coffee, he goes to a little cafe and insists that the barista didn't make his coffee to his EXACT specifications (GOD HELP YOU IF I DONT GET EXTRA FOAM!) and he proceeds to walk out of the cafe enraged that he could not get his money back and then after walking out dramatically, awkwardly walks BACK asking once again if the barista will give him his money back. The barista tells him he makes the MOST AWESOME COFFEE EVAR and will NOT give him his money back so once again, Bill walks out. Well, let me tell you, this bad day just gets worse. He goes to work and is being "bullied" by his boss at work for getting back late from a break and insisting for a raise because apparently he is the BEST MECHANIC EVAR. He is refused the raise and after work, goes to get lunch/dinner with his friend Evan. Evan argues with Bill about the place they eat (a friend chicken place) and as they get their food and eat keeps preaching to Bill about the problems with this world and money being the root of all evil and the difference between want and need. Bill with his obvious mental problems seems to on the outside laugh off Evan's opinions, when the waitress knocks over their food, continuing the bad day Bill is having. Evan then gives bill some mysterious packages and Bill heads home.

After all of this, he goes back home, being lectured by his parents for being quite late when they agreed that Bill would sit and have a talk with the parents about moving out later. Bill insists on having the conversation the next morning as he is excited about something he is pursuing. Bill then opens his packages to reveal guns and more guns and armor. He spends the night putting it all together.

To be honest, after this point, its just him preparing for a day long shooting spree and then him shooting everyone he sees and at one point burning money insisting that money is worthless because no one uses it for good reasons. Clearly he has mental problems as there is really no clear motive aside from being sick of the world and everyone in it, but here is the problem...

HE STEALS MONEY ANYWAY! he ends up going against his motives and his hypocritical display of burning money and takes a shit load of money and after killing and framing Evan for his crimes, flees happily that evening with his money insisting he will decrease the surplus population (TAKE THAT SCROOGE!) and that is the end of that. This made me think he is CLEARLY a mentally disturbed sociopath with clueless parents.


Was this movie the worst? no
was this movie genius? no
was this movie a good distraction for 1 1/2 hours? i guess

personally, i want a little more out of something called a "horror/thriller" then someone shooting a gun for an hour and talking about pseudo philosophical nonsense the rest of the time.

All in all, this movie wasn't BAD, but it wasn't GOOD. if you like seeing a shaky camera filming a shooting spree, well, then this movie is great. I will give Uwe Boll ONE thing, at least it wasn't Alone in the Dark or Blood Rayne.

but thats like saying "well, at least this plain rice cake isn't as bad as the spoiled milk i accidentally drank". I would still put this under the action movie genre, and not thriller or horror.

*REMINDER* if the movie is out in theaters, i will NOT reveal the whole plot or give out spoilers! this movie is out on dvd and easily accesible and honestly, doesn't have much of a plot to reveal, so, i didn't cover it up

The Breakdown

This week's review- Rampage

Number rating: 5.5/10

Next Week's review- Twilight Eclipse (unless i get a request that strikes my fancy)

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previous entry: Lets get down to business! (there will be no hun defeating...YET)

next entry: Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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LOL, good review. I'm with you on most of the Uwe Boll thing. I watch his stuff just to see how BAD it's gonna be. There's been a few that were decent...and a few that were just unwatchable. It's sort of like watching a Train want to turn your head...but you just CAN'T...LOL

[Music God Of BloopStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Ah, I love the way you write your reviews! Lol!
My sister's taking me to Eclipse on the 7th, so I'm gonna skip your review of that until after I watch it and see what your thoughts were. Are you a fan of the other movies?

[Aubrey;Star|0 likes] [|reply]

Well thank you for the compliment! I am actually more a fan of the books than the movies and find the movies quite laughable, so my review will be interesting.

[That Girl Who Watche|0 likes] [|reply]

Okay, can I ask - Team Jacob or Team Edward? Lol.
Um, I saw the first movie with my sister, and she had already read the books and was like "THEY DIDN'T GET ANYTHING RIGHT!!!" So I read the books, and we've watched the movies together so far, so it's our "thing". But yeah!

[Aubrey;Star|0 likes] [|reply]

if u get yourself a link/icon, I'll put it on my diary. I don't think too many ppl visit it yet, but if they do - they'll see yours.

[Movies, UNL.|0 likes] [|reply]

I think Bill spouted that nonsense about money being worthless so that the people could hear it and the police/fbi/etc would be able to link what he said back to his rambling videos on the internet. I think it was more to keep adding evidence against Evan than the fact he actually believed it. Because he obviously thought what Evan was saying was BS at the fried chicken place.

Anywho. I like your review style. And I liked the movie, but eh - to each his/her own.

[Movies, UNL.|0 likes] [|reply]

RYC: Oh yay, I love you! Movie!Jasper is gorgeous. And Alice is definitely awesome.

[Aubrey;Star|0 likes] [|reply]

previous entry: Lets get down to business! (there will be no hun defeating...YET)

next entry: Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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