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That Girl Who Watches Movies and Reviews Them
by That Girl Who Watches Movies

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World


EDIT:: spoilers due to movie being out for a bit now

Yes Yes, I am assuming most of you all have gone to see this movie and have heard the hype and word of mouth.

even though the majority probably don't care, here is my opinion of the movie

I have read all the comics and fell in LOVE with this comic series. God DAMN do I love the comics. I love the concept, the characters (especially Kim), the protagonists AND the antagonists alike.

Did the movie do the comics justice? I believe more so than any other comic book movie (yes dark knight, im including you in this because i am sorry, long halloween was MUCH more to my liking than Dark Knight)

I adored this interpretation of the comics and I believe that with the time constraints they did a great job. The creator of this movie OBVIOUSLY had their heart in this project and it really showed.

Did i think there were flaws?

well, of course I did! there are flaws with any interpretation.

I believe they could have done a little better with the Kyle & Ken Katayanagi scene and gone into WHY they were upset with Ramona (though i suppose it went without saying, you just DON'T date twins at the same time) but the comics were just a bit more interesting.

aside from that one gripe, i generally thought they cut the necessary and kept in the stuff they needed (though a knives/kim kissing scene would have been epic) and hell, even without having the ending to the comics, they still ended it very well with that infamous walk into subspace.

I am surprised they didn't use the "glow" to hint at Gideon's way into Ramona's head or his ability to go into Scott's head and alter memories (which they never touch), though they didn't DO any flashbacks so i suppose that didn't really matter in the end if Gideon altered memories or not.

I think cutting out the flashbacks was probably a very wise move. we can mostly infer what happened in the past by their comments and really don't need the flashbacks, though i think the movie could have added a few and made the movie longer with no problem and given a bit more clarity to both Julie and Kims anger.



what did i think about out lead douchebag turned good guy?

Michael Cera is the only professional "scrawny nerdy guy trying to get the girl that REALLY should be out of his league" aside from that guy Jay Baruchel who seems to be doing well in that genre. So, between the two names, who REALLY looks more like Scott Pilgrim and who would i picture MORE being scott?

...well, now that i did google images...MAYBE if the guy shaved and grew out his hair a bit he could CERTAINTLY play a good scott...but he doesn't have that douchebag attitude that Michael Cera is capable of playing off. Jay Baruchel is more of that virginal/puppy dog kind that is REALLY ALWAYS a good guy who just needs to find the girl that can appreciate that...

in other words...a cliche disney movie character...

oh wait...(snicker)

see, what i loved about Scott is that we are not SUPPOSED to like him at the start. He is supposed to be this immature douche that is having issues growing up and finally comes to term with this hard adjustment in his life

and people KNOW hes a douche. Its not that he has a hard time getting a we have heard julie ramble off the list of names at the party scene, its that hes immature and has commitment issues which frustrate the people around him, wondering how he KEEPS getting girlfriends

come on ladies, we've ALL had "that" boyfriend and "that friend" that just make you want to slap him in the face...i know i have.

So, all in all, good choice in our lead as he really makes it believable (despite the universe we are thrown into) that he IS this guy and that we are SUPPOSED to not like him all the time and that he is REALLY growing up in this time.

and our lead bitch turned good girl?

...god damn those hips and ass in that underwear...



well, i thought she was just a GREAT Ramona Flowers. though i never understood the hair choice...why didn't they just make her hair like the comics? its much shorter in the comics, more like Knives hair in the movies, but it was still very nice.

her acting was on cue, i always kind of heard that voice when i would read the comics and the attitude and coolness is spot on though they kind of play up the bitchiness a BIT

and again, you aren't supposed to like her from the start

you find out she is HUMAN and has made bad mistakes and is still dealing with it

as she said "we all have baggage"

eventually she too grows up and learns the ways of being an adult. though she never DOES state her age in the movie and its never brought up

...shes 24

and the supporting cast?


just perfect.

'nuff said

though honestly, Kim was never quite THAT bitchy really =/

the sets?

just beautiful and crazy awesome, bright and playful and fun

our exes/villians?


they could have done more with some of them (im thinking mostly the twins and Roxie, because roxie never really WAS all that bad, just a man hater) but they were great

it just seemed that EVERYONE was into this, and EVERYONE wanted in on this and it fell together perfectly

so, grats to EVERYONE who worked on this film

you impressed me!

previous entry: Last Airbender, Toystory3 and Inception

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Oh man, I have heard things, but have not gone to see this. Everyone says it is AMAZING! I haven't read the comics, but I have been a fan of the movies-made-from-comics!

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