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That's as impossible as nailing jello to a tree <3
by Shar

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Seems kinda petty now


I've been sitting here thinking about work. Thinking about everything that's been going on. Than I log online and I see condolences for the people in Colorado. So now it seems kind of petty to be mad at stupid people when I'm just grateful I'm alive. Granted I live in Virginia and not Colorado but you realize that those people didn't go in there expecting to die. They went to see a movie, were probably excited and enjoying their evening. I doubt they thought I wonder if I go to this movie if I'll come back alive. That could happen here. It could happen when I go to the grocery store. What is wrong with people nowadays? What makes them think massive killings of random people is ok? I'm not scared to walk outside, I'll probably still go see Batman if I have the money but for today at least I'll be less selfish in my thoughts, thinking that its just great to be alive and lucky to have a job.

I will talk about my job for a minute. Not really ranting just laughing because its completely outrageous. A little fast food knowledge first. A combo is the burger/tenders/sandwich plus an order of fries and a drink. That's how it is at my job. It may be different elsewhere but thats what it is here. Now this woman was just in too deep I think and couldn't pull back for fear of having to admit she was wrong I guess. She pulls up to the speaker and Jesse my drive thru cashier says Welcome to ______, would you like to try a combo? Customer at the speaker, no I just want a burger, a small fry and a small coke. Jesse says ok so you want a ____burger combo? No I said I want a _____burger, a small fry and a small coke. Jesse says but ma'am that's a combo. Customer yells I just said I didn't want a combo, I want what I ordered, do they only hire stupid people who can't hear? (By now I'm upfront, trying not to laugh because she's just straight up pissed off for no reason) Jesse says so you want to pay almost a dollar extra to ring it up separate? (I'm making hand motions to get him to just ring it up and let it go.) Customer says I want you to ring up what I ordered. So Jesse rings it up separate, she gets to the window she's so irate because we are so stupid and can not hear or listen. That we must all be high school drop outs who smoke pot all day and never have any kind of ambition. I just let her run her mouth, I've got nothing to say to her. There is no calming her down and by now I think she's just putting on a show because she's made an ass out of herself. I don't say a word besides here's you go, have a nice day and thank you. Jesse is around the corner laughing so hard he's crying when she pulls away. I just can't hold it in, I'm laughing too. I'm glad there wasn't anyone else around besides the employees. I told Jesse we were probably wrong for laughing but that if we didn't find humor in the situation we'd just be mad as hell for no reason just like that lady. He should have just rang it up as a combo without saying anything about her wanting a combo but I figure she'd have freaked out when she saw combo on the screen.

I've never had someone freak out over saving money. I mean I understand some people don't want to conform to the ways of others but you're talking about saving money. I guess she had money to throw away that day. Maybe she had committed some crime and wanted to get rid of the cash. I don't know. Honestly I don't really care but it made me laugh on and off all day. So it was worth it.

previous entry: Reasons why your customer service sucked.....

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