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That's as impossible as nailing jello to a tree <3
by Shar

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Reasons why your customer service sucked.....


I work fast food. I hate my job. Why do I hate my job? Because of the customers. So why did your customer service suck today? Because you sucked at being nice to my employees in general. You decided to take out your bad day on my drive thru cashier, and than you wonder why we weren't overly nice to you. I am very well aware that customers are the reasons we are in business, they pay money to get the food that we make. What I do not understand is why the fuck people are so fucking rude, hateful, down right mean and so fucking petty. (If my grammar sucks, you'll get over it.)

First things first, I work for a COMPANY, this COMPANY makes decisions on pricing and portion sizes. I am merely the messenger. Don't fucking shoot the messenger. If you think something is to expensive, don't buy it. Ranting and raving to me about the price of your order will not get you anywhere. You can tell me to tell my manager that the prices are too high but alas he too works for a COMPANY and has absolutely no say in how much things cost. Write an email, call the 1 800 number, or send snailmail to the COMPANY about how unhappy you are. They will send you coupons and you will return to this same restaurant for the same food but now you'll have a coupon so now you're freaking special. I agree that the prices are high, its ridiculous what you spend on fast food, but eating fast food is a choice YOU make. I didn't make you stop and order, I didn't hold a gun to your head and encourage you to eat an entire weeks worth of calories in one meal. You made that decision to spend YOUR money on this over priced food. Stop acting like its all my fault.

Second, when you order a burger that has lettuce, tomato, cheese and/or bacon on it, those items are figured into the price. If you order a burger that doesn't include these items but you want them added on, well that's extra. Again I don't make the rules or the prices, I just ring them up and add them to your burger. Same goes if you take one of these items off, you're still paying for it.. You can't ask me to take off 40 cents because you don't want cheese, it just doesn't work that way. I'm sorry that you are unhappy about this. You could order a burger that doesn't have it and add it on, that way you're only paying for what you eat but than you'll still complain because you have to pay extra so I don't know what to tell you. Getting mad at me will not help you in any way, mainly it just makes me upset that you're that immature.

Third, I'm not perfect. I do make mistakes and so do my employees. We are expected to take your order at the speaker, get your money, give you your drink, cook your food and hand it to you and get you out of the drive thru in 4 MINUTES. FOUR. We sometimes make mistakes. If you're at our speaker and you're ordering from the passenger seat, we hate you. We can't hear you that far away and screaming at me because I've asked you to repeat yourself doesn't make it easier to hear you. If the driver doesn't want to place the order than come inside. Stop being suck lazy fucks. If you do not know what you want or if you're ordering for the entire Brady Bunch than come inside. Remember I have 4 minutes to get you served. If you sit at the speaker deciding and giving me your order for three minutes there is no way I can get you served in four. My timer might not be your problem, but I'm more likely to make mistakes if I'm rushing because you're taking too long. There are corporate monsters breathing down our necks about drive thru service and if we aren't making times they blame us, there is obviously something we are doing wrong. My opinion is the customers need to understand the drive thru is an express lane, not an all you can eat buffet.

Fourth, I'm a human, not a robot. I will give respect and I expect respect in return. Do Not take your bad day out on me and I won't take mine out on you. Every time I'm standing at the counter to serve you I'm smiling. I can guarantee 98% of the time I'm not in a good mood. I'm not happy to serve you, really I would rather be on a boat in Jamaica catching some rays. I would rather be dumpster diving with the local homeless people. I would rather be anywhere doing anything instead of at work but yet I'm here, I'm smiling and I'm being nice to you. Be nice to me. Say please, thank you and your welcome. I say these things to you even when you're yelling at me that you wanted 5 packs of ketchup not 4. I'm telling you to come back again when really I want to set you on fire and watch your clothes melt on you because you have treated me like I'm lower than dog shit on your shoe. Why do people think it's ok to treat others this way? Why do you expect to walk into a place of business and treat everyone like shit and than get treated like royalty in return. I make your food asshole. If I wasn't here you'd have to take your lazy ass home and make your own food, and I know how much that inconveniences you. Stop acting like you're better than me. You may be a lawyer, I don't walk into your office and start bitching at you about this and that and how nothing you say or do is going to make me happy. I would never treat you that way, what the fuck gives you the right to do it to me. I do not get paid enough to deal with your bullshit, I barely get paid enough to cover expenses while I'm taking these college classes. Yea guess what asshole I'm taking college classes, I'm raising my child and I'm not living off your precious taxes so fuck you.

Fifth, stop being so petty. There is this entire dining room for you to eat it. Its completely empty and you see me mopping one section of it. There are three other sections in which you can sit in. I'm trying to clean because you bitch about how dirty it is during normal busy period. So what do you do when you order your food? Do you go to the empty sections where I'm not working? Nope. You're a super douche and you sit in the section where I'm mopping. You actually sit two tables away from where I'm cleaning. You're a massive douche canoe and I hope you choke on something. Common sense and respect. Is that really that hard? I'm obviously trying to do my job, mopping is the last thing I have to do before I can go home. I'm tired and wore out just like you are when you get off work. So why purposely make my day harder?

Sixth, I do understand sometimes my employees are rude to you. They are short with you when you are nice to them. I know we aren't perfect. But we try to be as nice as possible. Lying to me about what my employee did or didn't do doesn't help anything if I've been standing there the entire time. Getting mad about the price you're paying for food and than driving off without your food, is not her fault. Its your fault for having a short temper and being rude, because again you ordered what you wanted and its not my fault its pricy. I'll even remake your order for you when you come back realizing you drove off without it. Do Not scream at me because you drove off prematurely and accuse my cashier of refusing to give you your food. I was right there when it happened. I don't let guys complain that its my fault when they shoot off to fast, what makes you more special than that.

There is so much more I could say. But the point is most of the time your customer service sucks because you suck. You treated us like shit the 99 times you came in and on the 100th time you show up and we only give you one napkin for 4 combos, oops shit happens.

previous entry: That's it

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