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Waiting on our Princess
by ♥ Bella

previous entry: ♥ Perfect choice, imperfect time

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♥ Today is Monday. . . .


I tried again last night to tell Josh I don't want Mauer. I don't want any dog ever again probably. Trying to explain to him how I was feeling and he understands but says in a way its not really fair to not try. We got him whether it was the wrong time or right time and we need to give it a little bit longer.

Then this morning like every other morning for the last week the dog gets up barking and throwing the most ridiculous fit at like 4:30 in the morning and he is pissed off. He took him out to the bathroom and put him back into his kennel and five minutes later same thing. So of course he got up and let him out and just stayed up. Would you like to know why the dog still does this? Because he knows Joshua is an idiot and will let him out. I don't care if he is barking and you cannot sleep, you can get up but no matter how freaking much it annoys you his ass stays in the cage til he has stopped for a bit. But whatever. Maybe if I let him piss him off enough he will see it my way, otherwise he has pretty much taken over with the dog. I have him when he is gone at work but if he is bad I don't deal with him but to take him out to the bathroom and after Josh gets home I don't touch him, he is no longer my responsibility I have wiped my hands clean of him because I know I don't want him, he just won't work right now. I will reprimand him if he is getting in trouble or play if he is being good but otherwise I just don't bother with the rest.

Today is Monday . . . . . .

Not really sure what that means? A whole lotta nothing. One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl finale tonight. Tomorrow I go in to take my accuplacer for school and register for courses although I still have not decided what to go for. I told Josh last night I know it sounds lazy but I don't know how much I want to work after college if at all ( he keeps telling me he wants to support me and let me stay home before I ever decided this ). I did before but now with Claire I keep thinking all the things I would miss with her or another child and I like the idea of being home. But. I need to at least give myself the chance. And school would be something to busy myself with so that I don't just sit around on my behind all day I guess. Then when it is all done and over with we can decide what is going to happen as a couple and go from there. Maybe the 4 years will change my mind who knows.

I can hear Josh downstairs yelling at the dog - O joy wonderful day right?


previous entry: ♥ Perfect choice, imperfect time

next entry: ♥ Being an adult sucks.

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Sure will. I'll start out now and cook it in the car

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