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Waiting on our Princess
by ♥ Bella

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♥ Being an adult sucks.


So Josh pretty much told me today that after my placement test tomorrow we can go look at camera's. The catch was I would basically be settling because we can only do so much at the moment. I could get a lower end dSLR and more lenses with it or a middle grade with one lense and nothing else at all. Or I could be patient and wait and get exactly what I want no matter how much it costs. Ugh. Being an adult sucks. I really wanna go and get one tomorrow but I think me and Josh came to an agreement. He gets his bonus in November but I want the camera before Halloween and holidays for sure so in October he will let me get whatever one I want if I wait.... grrrrr. I am not a patient person!

In other news I just took the nose dive after trying to decide for weeks what program to start at school in the fall. I switched it over to nursing finally. I couldn't decide but I have been stuck on it for so long it seemed the most logical and rewarding in the end even if school and clinicals suck haha. I knew that if I didn't take a jump and just do it I would never make a decision. So here is to hoping it was the right one!

Otherwise Claire is sitting beside me half asleep chewing on her fist. No matter how many times I give her the binky she spits it right back out and inserts hand. Hopefully she grows out of it soon. But gotta go so I will update tomorrow and let you know how things at the school went.


previous entry: ♥ Today is Monday. . . .

next entry: ♥ Failed baby free night

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Patience is a virtue. & go ahead & slap me for saying it, 'cause I do whenever someone tells me that, lol.

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