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There's always a start somewhere...
by - Rjea.

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♫Here by Alessia Cara♫

Things in my life have been kinda chaotic.
Not chaotic I guess, just dramatic.
My boss has been pushing me to want another job, not because she's a bad boss, but she's been completely negative. It's been dragging me down. I'm having a hard time being in a positive mindset. I get having some down time and not wanting to be where you are, however, there comes a time when you need to stop and try to be positive. I've started looking for a new job because of how negative she's been being. That's the first time since I've started a job that I've opened the want adds because of how unhappy I'm becoming there.

I am supposed to be in the air right now, travelling for work, but my plane got cancelled due to weather. I'm supposed to be landing and getting settled into my room in a hour and a half, but I won't be getting there for another 12 hours, with a 2 and a half hour layover. I'll be getting supper in the airport and make either the airline company pay for it or my company. The only reason I'm so annoyed is because if they would have notified me properly, I could have driven to where my connecting flight was and then caught the plane from there. I didn't even get notified until 7am when my flight was supposed to take off from here. So annoyed.

So I guess my life hasn't been too chaotic, just my emotions.

I forgot to tell you M spoiled me for my birthday. He bought me a ereader, a weighted blanket and one of the foam cooling gel mattresses. I barely got a hello from my dad for my birthday. "Happy birthday my girl" and that was it. He was even in town on my birthday. Eh, what can you do. I guess I just thought I was more then that to him....
- R.

previous entry: Redbone

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