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by br!na

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TMNT... haaaayahh!


Let's get em'
My bff's sister, Shawn is pregnant!! She was originally due March 18th. Then they moved her up to the end of Feb. She's tiny so she already has 3 cracked ribs from this kid. And now her stomach has started splitting open. Not stretch marks mind you, literally splitting open. I'm worried about her, and hope she has him soon because she's so uncomfortable!! But she can't have him quite yet. Because the baby shower I'm throwing her is this Sunday!!!! We are sooo excited about it! Me and Melissa have gotten her a crib with a mattress, a bath, lots of toys, and some little cubbies to put stuff in! My sister got her a Stroller and a bunch of clothes, Joice and my mom are going in together to get her a nice swing, and shawns bff got her a carseat and is making a huge diaper cake!! Like $200 worth of diapers! It's going to be great!!! So the theme of the baby shower is teenage mutant ninja turtles!! Such an awesome theme!! My sister is making a tmnt cake! Me and Joice are making cupcakes! It's going to be great! And we are all super excited!

But since we have been doing all of this for the baby shower, joices 2 yr old daughter, Kiera, has become obsessed with ninja turtles! If the tv cones on she will yell about wanting to watch ninja turtles! And she even pretends to fight with them. She will run through the house and yell, there they are ninja turtles!! Let's get em. Haaa-yahhh! Lmao she is adorable! So mimi (that's what the kids call melissa) and I bought her a tmnt dvd so she can watch them whenever she wants. And then for valentines day we got her ninja turtles pjs, and then a stuffed dog, and Madagascar, which is one of her fave movies. She will dance in front if the tv and say move it move it!!! Haha

Sorry you guys, I may talk about her A LOT!! She lives with me and she's with me alllllll the time, so she's pretty much my life right now! Plus shes just adorable and really funny! She likes to workout with me and Joice. She loves zumba. So the other day, she was watching her carebear workout dvd in her room. And apparently their moves were too easy, because she starts throwing in zumba moves!! Lmao it was so cute!!
Shawns other child, Ryleigh. She's almost 2. And she just started really talking! She said mimi for the first time today! And she calls me BB. She's adorable too. But she does have a bad temper.... She's a red head! I will try to post a pic of them on here. And I will definitely post pics of the baby shower later!

Goodnight bloop!


previous entry: music that makes you moooove..

next entry: stressed... among other thingsss..

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OUCH! her stomach is splitting open?! isn't there something they can do for that?? it sounds so painful!

[a.thought.or.two|0 likes] [|reply]

i hope that doesn't happen to me!
the girls look adorable

[shiloh.xo|0 likes] [|reply]

Omg that sound extremely painful
They are absolutely ADORABLE!

[A mother's journey*|0 likes] [|reply]

SPLITTING?! Yeah, that sounds a lot like serious damage to the mother.

My son does Zumba with me. I love watching kids get into it!

[polywogStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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