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by br!na

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music that makes you moooove..


boogey down

This is will probably be short because I'm EXHAUSTED!! But I did want to let you guys know that I found my mojo today!! I finally got the step on the scale. And of course, I hadn't lost any weight, but much to my surprise I hadn't gained any either!!!! That made me very happy! I did a 20 min zumba class and a 30 min step today!! And I also looked up some awesome workouts for problem areas! And I'm pretty excited to try them out!!

Also I thought I should mention that I am currently in transition from smoking cigarettes to a vapor cigarette. It does still have nicotine, but no tar! So its healthier for me. And its only vapors, no smoke, so its healthier for those around me! I've tried electronic cigarettes before and I hated them. So i was skeptical about this one. But its pretty amazing so far. And in 2 weeks I've gone from a pk and a half a day down to a pk lasting me about 3 days. And eventually I want to stop all together! This one is called vapor express. And the liquid comes in over 100 different flavors!!! Right now I have caramel cappuccino. It's yummy! And today I bought mint chocolate chip. I'm pretty stoked to try it!! Since that's my favorite flavor of ice cream! I buy a 10 ml vial of liquid for $6 and that's the equivalent of a carton of regular cigs. For $15 u can get the equivalent of 3 cartons. So its going to save me money as well!!! To start up its about $35 which is about the price of a carton. And u get the battery, the clearmizer, a charger, a case and one vial of Ur choice of liquid. So its not that bad!! And its pretty cute too! I will post a pic of it soon. I have mine on a lanyard so that it won't get broken.

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now. I'm gonna get some sleep! Goodnight bloop!!


previous entry: Because no matter how slow you're going....

next entry: TMNT... haaaayahh!

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sounds interesting

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