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by br!na

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stressed... among other thingsss..



Okay so today I had to go and pick up all the stuff for my sister to make shawns baby shower cake. My momma watched Kiera for me while I ran into town. But I couldn't find a cake board anywhere. So when Mel and Joice got off from work we went to Walmart. Me and Mel got shawn the cutest sheet and bumper set for the crib! It's adorable! Just had to share that! we also got all of the decorations for Sunday! Can't wait for it!!
Except... Dean (shawns boyfriend and baby daddy) broke up with her today. She's been on bedrest for a while because of the cracked ribs. He told her that she wasn't in pain, just lazy!!! I was sooo pissed! She was crying all day and I was afraid she was going to go into early labor. He wanted to have dinner with her tonight and talk. I wouldn't have gone! But I'm a bitch!

Another stressful part of my life right now.. Jon. He's joices ex, Kiera's dad. So when Kiera was 1, Jon left and went to Maine because he said he could make a lot of money up there for him, Joice and Kiera. Joice begged him not to go, not to leave her with all of the responsibility of Kiera and working. But he left anyways. He was gone for 10 months. He worked at a pizza place that his friend owned and some weeks didn't even get paid. He was living on the streets. And yet had the money to get addicted to pills and mushrooms. (Ugh) so Joice ended up breaking up with him while he was gone. Said she didn't love him anymore, she could be on her own and take care of her daughter alone. And trust me, she is Sooooo much happier since she did that!!!!
Anyways, he ended up coming back and living with joices family. But he doesn't pay bills. He's constantly begging Joice to take him back even though she keeps telling him that it wouldn't make her happy. He's completely psychotic!! He stalks her. He walks around our apartment at night just to see if our lights are on after she's told him she's going to bed. He shows up here and at her job to bring her flowers and energy drinks and cigarettes. And he won't see Kiera unless Joice is there too. He said he can't be a good father without Joice. He also told her the other night that if she wouldn't take him back, there was no reason for him to be here so he was going back to Maine. Um... Hello?? What about Kiera??? I really feel that she should be his focus!! Not getting Joice back when that's never going to happen!!!
So, as you can see, me and Jon do not get along. He's constantly disrespecting me and Mel. Once when he had Kiera at shawns house, Kiera was crying because she wanted to come home. He started screaming at her and said, I'm sorry I don't have a pair of tits like mommy and her Fucking lesbian friends so that you can be a titty baby!!!! I went the fuck off when I found out about this!! Not only does he have no right to scream at or talk to a 2 yr old like this, how dare he talk Shit to her about people that she loves and helped raise her when he wasn't around!!!! Then he tries to walk up in my house and act all buddy buddy with us. Hell no!! I told him he's not allowed in my house until he learns to respect us!! But he doesn't understand what he's done wrong. Ugh!!
So the other night, we listened to yet another phone call with Jon crying and Joice constantly telling him that she didn't want to be with him. She had to be up at 4:30 the next morning, and it was 11:30 at night. She kept telling him that she had to go to bed. She had to be up early and had two jobs to work the next day. Do you know, that motherfucker Texted her every 10 minutes until 3 am just saying.. are you asleep yet?? I would have went over there and beat the hell out of him!!
He's learning quickly though that I'm not one to fuck with! He's not use to a woman standing up to him and telling him exactly how it is, which is one reason he doesn't like me. Even he realizes that I'm more of a parent to Kiera than he is. He made a comment about it to Joice the other day! Not my fault! I've been around more than he has!!
Sorry guys I really just needed to vent about him! He stalks my fb, so I can't say anything on there.

I got to spend time with my god-daughter today!! (Ryleigh) did I mention that Mel and I are ryleighs god-parents and will be Greyson's? (That's the baby she's pregnant with now.) We gave ryleigh and Kiera their valentines day presents!! They loved them!! My mom even came down with presents for them! It was fun!!

Well I'm going to lay down and read. Melissa bought me the golden lily! Wonderful series!!
Goodnight bloop!!

previous entry: TMNT... haaaayahh!

next entry: Jodi Arias needs to be convicted!!

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um - psycho much?? man! i think he's looking for someone to take care of HIM instead of he taking care of his daughter! he needs to get his bags packed and move back to maine.

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