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by br!na

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Jodi Arias needs to be convicted!!



Of course, she will probably get off just like Casey Anthony. That bitch should have burned! And so should Jodi Arias!!! How can you not tell she's lying??

Okay, so as you can tell, I keep up with these trials. I watch In Session everyday, and Nancy Grace every night! It's my guilty pleasure!

So, we had shawns baby shower. And it went pretty good!! Afterwards, we all went to shawns for dinner. Jon was there and he got pissed because we had been invited over, so he left. Then he starts Texting me telling me that I'm a very hateful person that is projecting my hate on others. And he doesn't want me around Kiera anymore. Well, too bad, homie. Kiera loves me and I love Kiera. She's left in my care almost everyday. I see her wayyyy more than he does. And Joice likes it that way!! And if he takes her to court, she will get custody. Mainly because he can't even pass a drug test. Ugh. He's such a douche bag!! Oh and he said that I only hate him because he has a penis!! WRONG!! I have lots of guys that I hang out with! I hate him because he's a scum bag, and no good for Joice or Kiera! It has nothing to do with me being a lesbian and him being a man. He's grasping at straws because he can't admit the truth!

Anyways- the next day I went back to shawn's and helped set up Greyson's room! It's adorable!! And we can't wait for him to arrive! I also called the foster company we are working with to figure out why we haven't heard anything for almost 2 months after we were approved. They said they've only had difficult children right now. And they don't want to place them in a new foster home. Which I'm grateful for. I don't want to be scared away from it. Let's start small! But we are still very anxious to get started!!!

Although, Kiera has been testing me. And I must say, sometimes I fail. But for the most part, I do okay. She's almost 3 and just decided to start her terrible twos. She has such an attitude. And sometimes I can't deal with it. I must admit that I am one to give pops on the butt when kids are bad. And I do believe in it. But with foster kids, I can't do that. So I'm trying not to do it with Kiera, just to get in the habit. I'm using other techniques with her, like time outs in the corner, and a sticker chart with rewards for doing good. It works for the most part. But sometimes, she's too stubborn. Ugh... When will this end?? Does anyone know?

Alright, my hands are falling asleep and swelling, so I need to rest them. Goodnight bloop!!


previous entry: stressed... among other thingsss..

next entry: Greyson was finally born!!!!!!! (pic)

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random commenter: I TOTALLY agree about Jodi Arias. I had to stop watching the trial she got on my nerves so bad on the stand. And don't even get me started on the defense attorneys.....KADKFA;SDKFJ;AKSDFJ!

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Honey it never ends. They always test you. Kaylee is 4 1/2 years old and still tries to press my buttons. You have to find other ways to cope and handle it then "pops." pops don't seem to work. I've tried them, never worked. So there was just no point, it's just to let off anger, not help them. Time outs, toys taken away kinda thing works better.
Hope you get a foster kid soon We want to foster when all the kids are in school.

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