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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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Shattered Plastic on the holiday highway


The Thanksgiving Holiday arrived and departed with no gunfights, stabbings or fires at the house of Why. There were a few minor hangovers but overall it passed in peace. Shortly after the holiday our car got it's ass kicked by a neon.

I was driving alone on a small 2-way street and as I was beginning to turn left someone tried to pass me on the left, clipping the driver's side of my car around the tire. I pulled off the road on one side to the grinding tune of a dragging bumper and the neon pulled off to the other.

On my car the bumper was knocked loose, the headlight and blinker fixture were knocked completely off the car (and run over before I walked over and picked them up), the tires were knocked out of alignment, and the door makes a horrible grating protest when you try to open it now. We examined the neon and could not find a mark. Neon 1, Cavalier 0.

The driver of the neon was a cute young girl with facial piercings who wore the uniform of a Bufalo Wild Wings Waitress. At least no one was hurt and I was not hit by a Jehovah's witness or something. Adrenalin wandered from my body into my imagination and thoughts flowed through my head as we spoke, waiting for the police to arrive.

- Should we really have reported this? In the welfare city insurance is rare, sometimes accidents are left ignored or bargained in other ways. Our old roommate Red-hair girl was in an uninsured accident and a strange bald man tried to negotiate sex in return for reporting nothing. Redhair girl declined, escaped, and blocked his cell phone number from hers.

- On that note, piercing girl is strangely flirty, did she run into my car intentionally so that we could meet? I am kind of that fabulous.

- Is this a plot to keep me from discovering secret plans of some sort? She is working for some covert organization that is raiding our house as we wait here, isn't she? Maybe it is the Jehova's witnesses, I am going to arrive home to find pamphlets in every drawer, aren't I?

A green city cop arrived, took our information, and indicated that the accident was piercing girls fault and she received a citation for improper passing.

Piercing girl's insurance provided us with a shiny little rental car with XM radio that I have been enjoying while waiting for the final verdict of whether our car can be fixed. Friday night painting with Spiritcage has continued, and I may bring some other artists to mix things up in our little studio setup. E's health is poor lately, she is only out of bed maybe one day each week, usually only waking up for a couple of hours the rest of the time and eating like mad before passing out for another 22 hours. Julian is stuggling in school and is still pending his autism test. Our cats are well and plotting to overthrow the earth. Thus we survive, shielded in old houses against the winter, wearing the streets in our mind and the struggle in our souls. How have things been with you?

previous entry: Occupy and hide and Occupy again

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I can't imagine sleeping so much. Does she dream? I would be curious about what she dreams. I'm glad you survived the crash.. I would be sad if Why just dropped out of my life. [Evidence Of Joy] [reply]