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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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Occupy and hide and Occupy again


Prompt -
what sorts of things are you open about in your life, and what sorts of things are you private about? And why?

How do you feel about the Occupy movements? Are there any near you? Would you ever participate in a protest?

We all compartmentalize our lives to a degree. You may not want to tell your mother about the vodka-fueled threesome you had last weekend or discuss with your employer how you sniffed cocaine off the back of a stripper. Some can maintain the same character with everyone in their lives, and they should be admired. This just does not work for me, playing with people's expectations is too much fun and most people are not worth the time to clash with. I live as an actor and every situation is a stage, to direct as it needs to be directed.

Bloop probably gets the closest to the real me, here I take the time to be open and honest about anything. For this reason I keep a level of anonymity and keep a wall between here and more public forums such as facebook. I need an outlet to be truthful with myself, I need a safe haven amidst the chaotic and monstrous malignity of the masses. This does allow me to avoid no topics, here I am an open book.

I avoid politics and religion in many face-to-face interactions. Most people are not worth debating, they get caught up and emotional and worst of all will waste your entire afternoon arguing with you without changing their minds. I would rather try to alter views through art than argue in a living room. At heart I agree with the libertarians and atheists on a lot of things. The occupy movement is interesting, but if given the chance to protest or play music for an hour I would play music. Politics is a depressant and religion an opiate, but I would rather be stimulated.

Spiritcage has been around a lot and calling constantly, which has lead to a lot of painting. He is one of those friends who is there all of the time until they are in a relationship and then they are gone completely. He works in a style of art he calls psychedelic horror. Below is my piece from last time he was over, a bit of a tribute to his style and trying some new techniques.

Rain is dumping grey across the landscape here, ashes mix with water and erosion over the abandoned buildings of the welfare city. Today we are stocking up on alcohol in preparation for another holiday and knocking on doors then running away. How about you?

previous entry: C in Me

next entry: Shattered Plastic on the holiday highway


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Dude! That is a TOTALLY sweet painting. I would totally rock something like that in my house if I seen it for sale somewhere.

As for me on the religion and politics thing, I put my opinions out there and you can choose to agree or disagree. I'm not trying to change anyone's minds or convert them. On the same train, I'm not going to argue my point. LOL

[Music God ] [reply]

RYC: Awesome. I already had 2 of the songs, one from each that you sent before, added to the playlist for this weeks show. And definitely send them all my way. You know me, I don't care about the genre as long as the recordings are clear and good quality. LOL

Really appreciate the support. [Music God ] [reply]

RYC: yeah, I've wanted an E-reader for a while but held off since the money end wasn't really feasible at the time. I'm with you, the power to carry hundreds of books around at my whim is really awesome. I've already got thousands downloaded and waiting in anticipation.

The Inheritance Books are crazy. it's like Dragon Riders Of Pern, Lord Of The Rings, and Harry Potter all rolled into one series. And each of the books are right around 700 pages each, so it's not an easy read.

And yeah, I've had Spotify since the day it started here in the US but didn't really use it. I was blown away by it yesterday. I will definitely be using it TONS now. [Music God ] [reply]

RYC: yeah, they moved the link on me. I will try to get a better one. [Music God ] [reply]