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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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New year, same old mannequins


In the time since my last update I have been through Christmas, a PC crash, and a new year. I recovered some data and lost some following the crash. I had planned to update close to the close of the new year with a list of books I had read but that list is lost, perhaps that will work out next year.

For Christmas I received a camera and video camera, some art supplies and a robotic penguin that shoots lasers from it's eyes and complains about the weather. For new years eve we went to a party at my sister's house where I met a concert lighting technician, a bearded dwarf, and a crazed ex-soldier who stores all his semen in jars in his basement. This year I want to grow as an artist and to find new and strange adventures. This year I want to exercise a lot so that my stomach muscles will stick out more, maybe enough to have a movie made about them like the guy in 300. This year I want to risk my life and live, to love it all and experience more than all other years combined.

We may be buying a house this year, currently have our eye one in a small Ohio town 10 minutes away from the welfare city, a charming post-modern domicile with a yard made of moss. My worry is we will have less visitors at our new location. Our house now is in the center of the city, a low-rent armpit of a neighborhood where wolves roam the streets and traffic never sleeps. On one hand exchanging the shouts and laughter of humanity's dregs for the slow conversations of wood fairies may be downright dull. On the other, the ability to stand in front of your house at night without being robbed or attacked is an advantage.

I have been working on visual artist with Spiritcage and a varying cast of characters in my home studio. It has been wonderful sharing techniques and learning from them all. If this project continues to go well we may release a publication or hold a small gallery show with those involved, perhaps something to benefit charity. But first I must think of a name for this studio and a charity that is worthwhile.

Below is an older painting, have a ton more I am working to get online but have to get a decent editing program setup to get the images clear, cropped, and turned first -

Should be updating here more now that digital legs are back beneath me. I hope all is well with you, and your world is surprising like candy and smoke.

previous entry: Shattered Plastic on the holiday highway

next entry: Loves company


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Our neighborhoods sound much the same. LOL
[Music God ] [reply]

I'm trying to figure out how I feel about your painting. First reaction is somewhat disturbed.. mixed with intrigue. There's a lot to look at.. and this creature looks mischievous.

Glad to finally read you again. I was getting nervous that something bad happened to E or you, despite knowing you're busy.

Much love [Evidence Of Joy] [reply]