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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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I am going to do some of the Nojomo entries this year, it may get some writing inspiration going for me. Here is the one for today -

Prompt -
If you could learn any language, what would it be and why?

If you could live anywhere, money is not a problem, where would that be?

I can live anywhere in the US right now and keep my job, but have not found the perfect place yet. I enjoyed our time in Raleigh, it is a beautiful cultural bastion in an otherwise bible belt state, but a bit sports-obcessed. I like Columbus and Athens in OH and Chicago, IL enough to live in one of those places, but they lose a bit of their character every year like many major American cities. If money were not an issue I could live in LA, which would make it much easier to find movie work.

We came close to moving to Virginia Beach once, but that city dies in the winter and comes to life in the Summer. We visited in January once, walking on sand feels like walking in the snow the streets are quiet and filled with tumbleweeds, and even the wolves have moved on.

I have never been out of the United States, I need to do more world travel to answer this question for other countries. I know a bit of Spanish, would like to learn Portugese and see Brazil, or perhaps Japanese. One day more time for travel will come for us. Until then I am here in the heart of the welfare city, watching the police surround our neighbor's house again in early dark of the season.

"My dream is to move to India or Bangladesh and become a taxi driver." - unknown comedian

previous entry: Altogether Ooky

next entry: NOMOJOMOMONOMO - 8 - Pivotal Schmivotal

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I lived in Brazil for almost a year. Amazing place and people, but the gangs are Ridiculous! LOL Definitely a breath taking place to visit though.

I would HIGHLY recommend the Phillipines, Ireland, and Vietnam as places to visit. [Music God ] [reply]