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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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Altogether Ooky


The fall is my favorite season, I love the colored leaves, the cool breeze, the messy crunch of Jehova's witnesses and madmen along the cluttered streets. Julian and E were both sick on Halloween, I spent a lot of it in bed reading Lovecraft. How about you?

Our first parent-teacher conference with my son Julian's first grade teacher took place last week. They said they believe he should be tested for Asperger's syndrome. He is a very outgoing child, we never suspected that he may have that sort of condition, we will arrange testing and see. The idea of this was upsetting at first. How independent could his life be? How might this hinder his ability to reach his life's goals? How happy can he be going through life with something that is pronounced like ass burgers?

A lot of the Asperger's symptoms fit me as well as him, it could be something he inherited from me. I was highly introverted until I went through an obsession with acting and started pretending to be different. We will see how Julian's testing goes and what this means.

Other than that things are busy here. Friday I am meeting with representatives from a PC game company about doing music for part of an upcoming game release. Saturday local artist Spiritcage wants to come by to collaborate on a piece. I am not sure how much my creative process will lend itself to cooperation. However, he has a much bigger following than me, if it turns out well the publicity will help.

I always end up with photos taken in the office here, it is rare I get out and when I do leave I always forget to take a camera. I'll leave with some images from a month ago and today. Things are more stressful now than then, Does it show? Time etches things slowly on all our faces, pressing palms, scarring wrinkles, sinking eyes. Whatever the answer, I'll ride it like a wave and come out stronger.

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I have Asperger Syndrome and I'm independent. In fact, the ability to hyperfocus makes me more focused on goals than a lot of 'normal' people are. I don't really see it as a condition, to be honest - more a difference, with its own strengths and challenges. And he won't go through his life with something pronounced as ass burgers, because the DSM-V proposal is to get rid of the name completely and just call it mild autism spectrum disorder (which is what it is anyway).

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[LADY PUCKStar] [reply]

You have a very sexy mouth. Am I allowed to say that to a married man?

My Halloween night I spent in class mostly. Me and the other girl in my class put on ties and mustaches to imitate one of our goofy instructors. She was very self conscious about it, but I had no problem displaying my mustache proudly.. the benefits of having a goofy personality. I went to bed late and finished my Saw movie marathon.. nothing too exciting. Sunday before was our halloween party.. I have nothing to really say about that.

I don't really know anything about ass burgers ..I hope things work out for the best for you and your family <3 [Evidence Of Joy] [reply]