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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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How to Live


E's grandmother V died a couple of weeks ago, she would have turned 101 this month. E inherited a golden apple, an old suitcase filled with strange child's treasures, and an antique but graphic painting of the festival of Bacchus. We might be buying V's house. It is an old brick place close to where we live now, in the middle of the city a view of the highway, the river, and the railroad tracks.

When I was young we had a birdhouse in our backyard. Some birds moved into it one Summer and had babies, you could hear the chirping all over the yard. Then one day crows came and chased off the parent birds. They killed the babies and strung their body parts all over the yard. This implanted in me the idea that nature can be as cruel as man, which helped to turn me into the urban creature I am today. So I may always live in the city. But you never know, things can change.

In a couple of months we should know more about the availability of V's house. If we do buy it we may inherit an antique pipe organ and a baby grand piano in the deal. I am very excited about the prospect of having a real piano again.

Today there is rain, today there was a rainbow. Today a boy who can't walk watches the drops fall out the window. Today a skateboarding champion surfs flood waves in an underground sewer. A punk rock girl sings her problems away. A business supervisor lashes out his problems away. A homeless couple drinks and fucks their problems away. It's like heaven but with more cockroaches.

Is anyone really so different from anyone else?

How to survive - Wake up. Wash your parts. Put some squishy stuff in your body. Push some squishy stuff out of your body. Leave your personal space. Go into a way bigger place. Do things you are told to do there. Return to your personal space. Look at millions of pictures of things. clean your parts again. Look at some more pictures of stuff. Lie on your raised platform. Close your eyes.

How to live - do anything else.

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I thought you already had a view of the highway, the river, and the railroad tracks? How is E doing these days? I can't imagine dealing with dying while those I love are dying around me (her mom, grandma..). How are you doing in all of this?

I was watching Nightmare on Elm St 3 the other day and decided that you look a little like Berkin Meyer in that movie. Or perhaps he looks somewhat like you. I seem to find you randomly in life like that. It will be out-of-the-blue.. all-of-a-sudden there you are in a stranger or piece of art. [Evidence Of Joy] [reply]

We do, the new place is pretty much across the street from our old one, we might not even need a moving van. E and I are hanging in as well as we can, that may be an entry in itsself. Takes a lot of time to go into and feels like it will end up a dull read to me. But i may give it a shot.

I think that was the guy who was killed in the video game. But he's a cool actor. Those connections are wonderful, like magic or a memory long forgotten. [powerofwhy] [reply]

RYC: You can watch all the videos that are being submitted on It's also where you go to vote I believe. Or it will tell you where to go.

There's also another guy on there named Martel that is DEAD ON Freddie sound a like. Overall, like any contest, there are some amazing entries and some really bad ones.

Personally, I would love to see either Jeff Scott Soto or Robbie Valensia as the new full time singer. [Music God ] [reply]

RYC: Thanks! [The Venerable Pooh] [reply]

RYC: So, here's how things are looking for the shows. It's going to be a couple weeks until I'm FULLY running...BUT...

I'm thinking Auditory Slam is going to be M - F 4-6 pm, sort of like a drive time show.

Back Roads Radio is going to be Sat from 8-11 pm.

I've already got artists and bands lining up for interviews. I've even got Angry Grandpa on board to do occasional spots. It's going to be crazy fun times. [Music God ] [reply]

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