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Bwoop Die-uh-weeeee.
by Lizzy.

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You're everything I know


Okay... I cannot for the life of me understand pregnant fetishism.... Ever. EVER. EWWW.

LoL. Um.

I've been getting stupider and stupider as of late.
I can't finish this stupid paper.
Holly and I were doing better, I guess, but I did something fucking stupid today. And she was like "I was going to ask you out yesterday." And I asked her if the stupid thing I did today meant the point of no return... And she pretty much said no... But I think she's having another breakdown again. Or something. She's just being really distant and weird. I'm back to square one with that girl. If she could maybe just make up her mind, I could be dating someone. Because I like this Justin kid... But she's standing in my way. A lot. I'm loyal as fuck, and I can't help it. I can't think of Justin that way, let alone anybody but her. And it sucks that she's giving me the cold shoulder, and I just have to wait around for her to start being affectionate again. Or dump me.

I'm trying to be more independent.
Because obviously, I can't depend on Holly.

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I don't understand it either...fucking eww.
I'm sorry things aren't going so well again...=/
What was the stupid thing you did, if I may ask? You don't have to tell me if you don't wanna.
I know exactly what you mean about this's kinda like Jordan. I wanted to like him. I kinda started to. But I just couldn't, because I didn't know where I stood with Lex, and if I actually had a chance with her I wanted more than anything to take it, and I didn't want anything or anyone else to stand in my way.
So, yeah. I'm sorry hon =( If I can do anything, let me know.

ryc-It does make me feel fantastic, lol. Not gonna lie. It has to sort've suck there though, because Arizona is an ultra conservative state. You can get fired down there for being gay. I'd get in so much trouble if I lived there, knowing me and my big mouth =P
and thanks for the compliment! I took that picture down at bishop one night when the moon was rising red. it's actually lyrics from "You are the moon" by the hush sound...I love that song <3
Love you!

[ChaosKitten.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

I don't understand the pregnancy fetish either.
What's with that?

Aw man. :[ You shouldn't have to wait on Holly. If she can't make up her mind, it's her loss. You don't deserve to be the person sitting there waiting for her. It's not fair on you.

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