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Bwoop Die-uh-weeeee.
by Lizzy.

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This Survey Can Explain M


...than me trying to type anything out.

Are you sure of your sexual orientation? Or are you confused?:
Not sure.

Are you open with your sexuality?
No... I dunno. Part of it is that I don't want to be judged, and part of it is that I don't know how to bring it up.

Who was the 1st person you told that you're a lesbian?:
I first told Lucy I liked my female friend.

Is your hair short, medium, or long?:

Would you ever shave your head?:
No haha.

Do you own anything with the Gay Rainbow on it?:

Do you consider yourself a Stud, Androgynous, or Femme?:
Pretty femme. haha, no pun intended.

What type of females are you most attracted to?:
Pretty, skinny, butch girls. :]

What FAMOUS Lesbian is your favorite?:
Ehh. Shane from the L word is hot?

Do you like watching The L Word?:
LMAO. Holly and I got into DEAD SERIOUS arguments about how people seeing her as Shane.
I dunno. Like, I've seen bits and pieces.

What is your favorite lesbian movie?:
Like... I guess that one on Lifetime. (Wait, that doesn't narrow it down at all lol) I forget the name. Can I just go with Hedwig and the Angry..
Which actually could arguably show lesbians in a bad light.
Okay, I'm shutting up now.

Do you have any Pride tattoo's?, if not, would you ever get one?:
No and no. :/

Do you go to Gay/Lesbian clubs?:
I've been to Affirmations. Not really a "club," more like a recreational center. It was awkward and the girls were really nice to me. LOL.

Would you ever be a Drag King? (If you're not already):

What name would you go by if you did do Drag?:
I thought about what boy name I would choose if I were a boy. I decided on Cody.

Have you ever been mistaken for a Male?:
Dude, this survey makes me feel femmer than fuck.

Would you ever have a sex change to become a Male?:
NO!! lol. But I think if I ever fell in love and my girlfriend wanted a sex change, I'd be totally cool with it. I really am cool with transexuals, and think they're interesting. Hell, I liked Rosie.

How do you feel about Homophobia?:
Ohhh, my favorite topic.

How do you feel about Gays/Lesbians having children?:
I personally wouldn't want to have one, because I'd be afraid of messing up the kid. Like if they got teased at school, or if it were true about the fact that you need a male and a female figure in your life, or whatever. But heyy, if you want to have one and you're gay, awesome!

If it were legal, would you marry another Female?:

What FAMOUS lesbian singer(s) do you like the most?:
Uhh. I like the Shiny Toy Guns, and she's a lesbian.
Davey Havok, too.

Have you ever attended a Gay Pride Festival?:
haha, no.

Do you wear make-up?:
A little. I feel quite ugly without eyeliner. Ask my friends.

Do you carry a wallet?, or a purse?:
A purse.

Do you wear Male clothes?

Do you prefer wearing cologne instead of perfume?:
No... I don't wear either that often.

Do you have several piercings & tattoo's?:
My surface piercings fucked up

Do you have a crush on a female celebrity, if so, who?:
Winona Ryder. Kate Moennig. Mmmyeah.

How did your parents handle you telling them about your orientation?:

Do you have more Gay/Lesbian/Bi friends than you do Straight friends?:
Hmm. I dunno. Yeah.

Have you ever been gay bashed?:
I have been. But I'm not exactly open about it, though; I really watch who I tell... so yeah.
It's interesting when people talk about how wrong gay people are in front of me, though. x_x

Did anyone stop having contact with you after you came out of the closet?:
Kinda Alie. But yeah. I watch who I tell.

What is your favorite gay/lesbian quote?:
"Hey man, gay man, pick up the soap. Get on your knees and prayy." hehehe.

Do you believe you were born a lesbian?:
I believe I was born... queer.

Are you proud? Or ashamed of your sexuality?:

...So okay. Something happened last night that really made me wonder. I dunno. Justin and I hung out all day yesterday, and I probably exaggerated the spark I felt a little... Even though I did kinda feel a spark. But okay... we were kissing, and I started biting my neck, and he moaned. And oh my God... It sounded so fucked up to me. I do NOT like it.
Yeah... I really don't know what else to say about that, really. But... I like... the sound of girls moaning better. ahahahaha.
This is SO awkward.
But yeah. Girls moaning = pretty. Boys moaning = sounds of abortion and warfare.

I feel bad...
And like... I liked a boy over the summer. Quite a bit. I still kinda fancy him. He's beautiful, he's smart, he's funny, he's sensitive, he'll always be my friend, and he knows how to keep a conversation going really well. I was kinda thinking about... What if I heard him moan? I don't think I would mind that as much as... Justin. ERggh.dfsjkdf;
What is wrong with me? What if I end up marrying a guy just to be "normal," have kids, and then realize I'm absolutely flaming?

It was so weird, though. Yesterday we saw this girl that looked SO MUCH like Holly. o_o Only difference is she was blonde, and taller. She was pretty. And I'm totally sure, gay, too. And I thought of a really cool LGBT pick-up line. "You look like my ex. Can I get a picture of you?" So if they're gay... They'll know then that you are, and if they're not... They'll probably think it's funny. And it's not coming on too strongly, either.
*sigh*. So I think Holly kind of knows about me and Justin, by the way. I don't know, though, and I don't know how she feels. Because we're not dating, and she said not to hold onto her... But... We do act like it. I just can't... Deal with her bullshit sometimes.
I'm such a bisexual whore. I don't know what's more upsetting, the fact that I might not really be bisexual, or the fact that I'm being a fucking whore.

previous entry: You're everything I know

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Holly really reminds me of someone I know, but I don't know who.
That's going to bug the shit out of me =P
Yesterday was so much fun xD

[ChaosKitten.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

You're so cute.

Yeah, I'm pretty much straight (LOL) but the sound of guys moaning doesn't do much for me either. I find it kind of strange. lol.
You're not a whore. It just sounds like you're a bit confused about who you like or don't like...because of the spark thing. I mean that would throw me off too. You'll figure this out though. It's all a part of this big mess we call life.

[Łullaby♥Star|0 likes] [|reply]

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