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Bwoop Die-uh-weeeee.
by Lizzy.

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My Friends Are The Most W


And I could go on for fucking days about how much they mean to me. I swear, I don't even deserve them. I told Brad and Jenny how I dated a girl the other day, and they were like... completely COMPLETELY cool with it. I really feel like they'll be my friends no matter what, and that means so much to me. Oh, and they're both attending this "call in gay day" thing to protest how our government treats us like shit. I can't help but feel like I had a part in that. I love them both, and they really deserve each other.
Kassie is the most fun girl ever, and I love her to death. haha. We both just went to the "Gay Denny's" on Eureka together. There was this really cute really shy gay guy sitting by himself in a booth right next to him, and Kassie was telling she was going to "rip my tits off" if I went back out with Holly, and she was going to get her "dyke squad" and find me another woman. And I guess he just kept smiling when we said silly gay things like that hahaha. And we always look out for each other when it comes to money for food. I know I was mad at her for a little bit for "ruining mine and Holly's relationship," but a. I was feeling weird about saying I loved her and b. it would have been ruined anyway.
Gina is the coolest fuckin' sister ev, you don't even know. She listens to every little detail of my love life, and she's just really open-minded and cool. It's awesome. And I dunno, we can just talk about anything.
Caitlyn is my girrrrl. Caitlyn, you know you're awesome, and you know why I love you. But for everyone else (haha, nobody's reading at this point besides her), she is so awesome at life. Like, I don't even know where to START with Caitlyn. She's an excellent writer, really smart, and really tries to relate to whatever you're saying. She knows what to say whenever you're down, and I can always call her when I'm upset.
Tadd and I have had a really retarted history. haha. I know I'm a bitch to him, but seriously, I am so glad he's happy with his girlfriend. I called him when Holly broke up with me, and he talked to me for probably two and a half hours, AND called me the next day to see if I was all right. He's helped me through so much shit, and I love him eternally for it.

I dunno. Like I don't have very many friends, and I'm working on that, but the ones I do have, I'm so so thankful for.
The reason I'm saying this is because I just feel so lucky to have such a supportive, caring community around me. I really wish I could give the same to... certain people. >_> (If you don't know who that is... You might want to maybe read this entry over again. Think about it a little bit. Yeahh, there ya go.)

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"(haha, nobody's reading at this point besides her)"
Hahahahahaha. I love you =P
Well, unless someone was reading over my shoulder, I'd be the only one...
Just kidding! I know what you mean...I seriously don't think anyone but you reads my diary anymore =P
Aww, I love you too girl! I miss you like crazy. We need to chill, like seriously soon.
I miss our crazy random biology conversations too. Those were the days man =P
And thanks for thinking I'm awesome xD Personally I find myself quite irritating, but, I do have to be around myself 24/7. When you're around someone for that long, they tend to get on your nerves =P
I love you!
(And if I'm awesome, then you're awesome...since we're practically the same person xD)
I'm so glad that I have you in my life. I really am. =)

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