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You never know what will happen...
by Kiki Mira

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Halloween!... Oy... Vent...


So where to start.... Now that we had caught up on my crappy year lets talk about the Halloween Incident...

Our group, is made up of varies ages, races and relationship status from married couples to single moms. I am the new member of the group. Anyways so we went to a house party for halloween. A forced me to come and it was a well needed night out. After work 124 hrs over the last 2 weeks, I needed it. I had met the 2 other girls that where coming over, C and S, and I was warned that C is a drama queen and causes issues for the other people, apparently she feeds off the drama. I could recall at least 10 times A has called me crying after a party because of the issues C has created for her and N.

We all got ready at A's Place and the other 2 girls came over S. and C... We had a blast getting ready. Then we all headed over to the party with A's boyfriend N. Since he was working in the morning he wasnt drinking.

The night was fun, the house party was packed! and I ran into a few old highschool friends!

In general it was fun... Here are a couple pictures.

Us Girls... S, C, A and Myself.

Part of the Group in the basement. N is the guy in White. Wheres Waldo?

So after these photos. I started to feel crappy. It wasnt because i was drinking to much, I had only had 2 drinks. I just felt like I was coming down with something.

So A was of flirting with every boy in sight so N asked if I wanted to go sit down and talk. So we went to the couch that was 15ft in front of A, C and S. We were talking about A, and how much N really loves her. Then he was asking me about what happened between W and I.

A few minutes later this really drunk girl, I dont know her name, came and sat down beside us. She flopped over onto her knees as if she was going to puke. So N looked at her and grabbed her arm and said "do you know where the bathroom is?" she said "no" so N asked me to help him move her to the bathroom so she could puke there. We moved her into D's (the host of the party) bedroom which had an ensuite bathroom. We put her in there and proped her up at the toliet. Left her in there by her self, we sat on the bed and gave her 5 minutes before checking on her. A came in to find us, we told her what was going on as 2 of the girls were also in there (waldos gf and the roman dressed girl in the group picture) A was concerned and went and got her some water. The went back to socialize....

N and I moved back to the couch when the sick girls boyfriend came.... We talked for a bit longer then around 130am we decided to leave and go to an after party at S's. A wanted to ride with them, so I went with N in his car.

We dont know exactly what was said durning their car ride, but when we got to S's it resulted in N and I, getting alot of dirty looks and the 3 girls kept having 'meetings' in the bathroom. So N got mad because he had an idea of where this was going, and told A "that this wasnt going to happen tonight and he was going home" So he asked if I wanted a ride home, being as uncomfortable as it made me to be there with the 3 of them doing this, I said yes. He asked A if she was coming or if she would find another way home she said she was coming and once we got outside she freaked out about us, N and I.

C and S, i guess told her on the car ride home that N and I, were getting "too close and friendly" for how friends are.... We also apparently where fooling around in the bathroom when we were helping the sick girl. Yep according to them. That was fast because we were in the bathroom together for less then a minute. That was some insanely quick fooling around.

So A storms off walking down the street at 245am and N chasing her down screaming at her, A is crying and saying that I am bitch and she should've known I was going to go after him... So N stormed back to the house and tore a strip off of S and C, they sat there with smirks on there faces... While I stood in the door way. S asked me not to come back into her house, because I was negative karma and no one needed it tonight... Besides I had all ready 'ruined' the night. So N and A storm off and left me standing out side of S's house, in -15C weather might I add and my jacket and everything was in N's car... I didnt know what area I was. I called a cab company and I had them GPS my location to get a cab.

Then to top it off my purse, change of clothes, jacket and other stuff was in N's car. Including my bank card. I was lucky I just so happen to have $40 in cash at my house. I got home at 350am. I was so pissed off.

The following day was hell. I was super sick and I know I wasnt hung over and I still had to get my stuff from A's. So finally at 530pm she text me back and told me to come get my shit. When I got there she wasnt home, she even sent N over to let me into her place, so I could get my stuff. N said he wasnt mad and we didnt do anything wrong and to give A her time and she would contact me by the end of the week. Im not holding my breath, I still havent heard from her and I completely dont care. Im done, we are in our mid 20's not in high school anymore.... Time to grow up.

So what really tops this incident, she is a comple HYPOCRITE, why you might ask? While she is being mad about all of this crap, she is sleeping with N's best friend.... She has been for about a year.... The she is mad at us for talking.... Yep.

Thats all for now....


previous entry: Summer time.... Drama

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wow that is a lot of drama. i hope it all gets resolved.

[photobooth.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

thanks, girl!

and oh my god! oh my god. what a shitty night! i probably would have had a panic attack. that makes me so angry that you had to call a cab. not only that, but i hate those bitches! feeding that girl with nonsense bullshit just to start drama. it makes me sick. (and maybe you should point out the fact that she's a hypocrite if she decides to give you shit about anything)

ugh. so sorry. and i hope you feel better soon. hopefully it's not the h1n1.

[skaraaa|0 likes] [|reply]

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