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You never know what will happen...
by Kiki Mira

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Summer time.... Drama


So this new guy starts at work. Him and I got along great for the first few months.

Then I dont know what happened maybe it was where he made a move on me and i rejected him...

I work in Law, my firm is huge about 300 lawyers and approx. 750 employees all together. Everyone knows everyone elses business and the firm has a strict "no type of engaging with other employees". I personally have seen many lawyers and assitants being fired over this. I was not willing to loose my job and he really wasnt my type.

Anyways I guess he didnt like that. A short time later he started circling rumors, that he was apparently told from me... The rumors were bad, about me apparently seeing employees getting together.... Rather me seeing him with another employee and so forth. It got into this huge mess and my boss didnt believe me. He was convienced it was all me. I have worked for him for 5 years, and he didnt believe me... I got warned that if I did it again I would loose my job and so would he.

This wasnt good enough for him. HE got excepted back into school and his last 2 days there he made up another rumor which he blamed on me. This time I apparently told him that I seen our male boss touching and kissing a female worker in our area.... He didnt believe me and he gave me my 8 weeks notice on sept 3.

With an odd series of events which actually lead to 2 other coworkers immediate dismissal, I still have a job. But it has been agreed apon that I will give 3 weeks notice and I take the time during the days to do interviews. As long as I would stay at the time when they became short staffed by 4 people. :/

As for the Text msg from W. he would text me and say "miss you more then you will ever know" what? was this regret now.... :/


previous entry: After Math....

next entry: Halloween!... Oy... Vent...

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Well, I certainly hope it gets better! I'm sure it will

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