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You never know what will happen...
by Kiki Mira

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So Sick...


So I started to get sick halloween night...

A few days in I just couldnt shake it, I thought I had a cold but the exhaustion I had was just much more then a cold. So I went to the doctor and I was sent home with 2 weeks off work because I have H1N1. So I called my boss and said "listen, they say I have H1N1, im not suppose to be at work but that is your decision, I understand that we are short staffed and I dont mind still working, besides you have all been exposed anyways." he laughed and said "i knew it.... you have sick at work all week you might as well finish out the week" so I did.... then I took 3 days off the following week I slept from Saturday afternoon (i had to go to work in the morning for a few hours) until tuesday night. I only got up to eat and drink.

I still have a "cold" more sinus then anything now and I am feeling 110% better! Yay!


previous entry: Halloween!... Oy... Vent...

next entry: Migraines, anyone?

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ah! this h1n1 thing is just everwhere. did you know that it can mutate and you can catch it again? that's even more unnerving to think about. glad you're feeling better!

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