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Often Found Lurking In Soup
by Lunar Sea

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Time For Fighting


So, I'd been doing well with self harm for a bit. Nothing since the burns. Then last night I ended up in hospital for taking twelve paracetamol. I have turned myself inside out from being sick. I'm lucky to have no permanent liver damage, the doctor told me.

It's left me feeling...

Determined to do better. Disappointed in myself. Like I need to really start fighting. Like I've let everyone down.

It's not going to be easy, but I'm going to stop, I'm going to stop, no more, none of it, no burns no cuts no overdoses.

I Am Not Going To Let This Be My Life Any More.

previous entry: Freshers' Week

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Do you see a therapist, yo? Like, someone who can help you put together a strategy of how not to burn and cut and stuff? I'm just thinking, the fight will be easier if you've got someone helping you strategise (which I think is not a word! Er... I think I mean form strategies!). So you can find alternative outlets, and be accountable to someone and all that jazz.

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