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Often Found Lurking In Soup
by Lunar Sea

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Freshers' Week


Done and dusted, pretty much. We'll see how many people turn up on Sunday. Hopefully it'll be fun. I'm both really anticipating and desperately scared of the talk with Luke. It's just been a bad week.

Incidentally, I now have prescription strength painkillers for if cysititis hits again. The antibiotics did their job nicely and I've been pain-free for a week now. Always a plus.

Housemates are away this weekend, and I'm going out to the industrial night. Just been... one of those weeks. The kind where you go to bed and lie awake crying contemplating topping yourself, while everyone who sees you in the day says it's nice to see how upbeat you are and how well you're doing. I'm good at something, at least!

Still, out tonight. Maybe it'll help. Maybe I'll feel worse. You have to try.

Definitely a long-sleeves week.

previous entry: Still Poorly

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Yes, go out and have a good time, yo. Or drink yourself into a coma - whatever works!

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