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Dating older men
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27 Mar 2009, 02:05
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So I would prefer not to be judged right up front for this.

I like to date older men, I am not exactly sure what draws me to older men or why I am so attracted to them.
Some people like to say I have "daddy issues"
Now my parents are still together and my father is my biological father, BUT from the age of 5-17 my father was rarely home, only because of his line of work.
There were times he would be gone up to three weeks at a time.

At the moment I am dating a 38 year old man....I am 20.

I am wondering what you guys think about this, or if there are any other ladies out there in my same position.
I would love to hear some feedback on this thread.
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27 Mar 2009, 02:26
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It's not that bad. I think of it as your type. I mean if you were underage it would be totally different. But you are an adult now, so it's not that big of a deal. My boyfriend is 29, and I'm 20. I like older men bc they are more mature than men my own age. I couldn't see myself with anyone my age.
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27 Mar 2009, 03:30
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If you're happy, then whatever.

Why would anyone have a problem with it?
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27 Mar 2009, 08:57
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Older men are my love.
I am seeing a 36 year old guy currently, and i am 23.
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27 Mar 2009, 12:15
ICky VICky
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um im 21 dating a 40 year old i like them older they to me seem not so much of an ass. So i say go for it.
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28 Mar 2009, 01:21
brooke !
Post Count: 100
that isn't that bad of an age differenc,e i guess it's all how certain people see it though. and i definitely think it has to do with the maturity level of each person in the relationship.
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28 Mar 2009, 15:37
Acid Fairy
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My uncle is 15 years older than my auntie and they've been happily married for about 10 years now.
Each to their own!
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29 Mar 2009, 16:46
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Psh. *I* love older men (26-30 year old range).

The problem though is that all of those mature, intellectual, rational, sexy, "well-aged" and respecting men is that all of them end up telling me how much they like me and how much they'd love to get into a relationship, but we're "going in different directions in life."

So I think I might just have to stick with trying to date the ignorant and immature shits I've got here at college with me, what little and pathetic numbers there are.
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30 Mar 2009, 21:06
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here here!
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29 Mar 2009, 19:32
Poetic Justice
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I'm dating a guy 17 years older than me. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up in June. I hate to be cliche and say that "age is just a number", but it really is. As long as you're both legal, maturity and compatibility are the only things that matter!
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29 Mar 2009, 23:00
kayden's mom
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Doesn't matter to me. The one thing I keep in mind is if you're dating a guy 15+ years older then you must remember that you may be potentially changing their depends letter on in life.
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29 Mar 2009, 23:25
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I'm not a lady - obviously. But I say if you're happy what the hell! Age is only a number. Although in my case it's apretty big number! :lol:
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1 Apr 2009, 20:57
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My ex boyfriend is 40 and I'm 20.
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27 Mar 2009, 02:27
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OMG I just said I'm 20, I meant 19, whoo I need to go to sleep. I'm going nuts. I will be 20 in a month tho.
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27 Mar 2009, 02:36
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Nah theres nothing wrong with it at all. If it makes you happy then its all good.
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27 Mar 2009, 02:36
just samma;
Post Count: 204
My girlfriend of 3 years is 11 years older then me. I don't see anything wrong with it.
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27 Mar 2009, 02:39
already gone.
Post Count: 153
Two of my closest friends here on bloop date older men like that. Actually now that I think about it quite a few of my bloop friends date oler guys. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I don't do it because I'm just not attracted to older men. I have daddy issues too but I prefer to date men that would drive my dad insane ;D. I say whatever floats your boat.
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27 Mar 2009, 03:17
Me, I'm Not
Post Count: 93
My boyfriend is older than both my brothers. I don't see anything wrong with dating older men, I think it's because they're probably a lot more responsible than men around our ages.
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27 Mar 2009, 03:34
Post Count: 21
My ex was 10 years older than I was. I was 21 and he was 31 when we got together.
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27 Mar 2009, 03:38
Post Count: 88
My 'boyfriend' is 42 & I'm 23, I clearly have no problem whatsoever with it.
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27 Mar 2009, 05:28
already gone.
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Yup you're one of the ones I was referring to. Old man lover :p!
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31 Mar 2009, 05:33
Post Count: 70
Was I the other one? ;D
Lol. :]
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31 Mar 2009, 06:39
already gone.
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why of course!
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27 Mar 2009, 05:33
~*Queen Bee*~
Post Count: 22
in comparison my boyfriend isn't that much older than me, but he is 6.5 years older. he's 33 and i'm 26. we got together when he was 26 and i was 19.
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27 Mar 2009, 05:35
♥ Pear
Post Count: 69
Its whatever you like.
Some people like older men.

My mom's ex-husband was 17 years older than her. The only time it was ever an "issue" (for lack of a better term, and it was never really that) is when they would go out to dinner with his friends and all they would talk about was retirement homes and and grandchildren (neither of which she's ready for).

Some people like older guys. And if you do, well more power to ya. Whatever makes you happy. That should be what matters.
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