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You can't please everybody's Diary
by You can't please everybody

previous entry: Artist blame me as the thief, even though I had a right on my money

Everybody hates me venting


I get upset whenever someone or something happens with me, and no mattter what it is, I get mad. I wan to vent off my frustrations, but everybody both online and offline lashes on me, even though I have a right to complain.


Just recently, I talke to someone and they said this at me.

"Sorry if I sound angry or critical or negative or whatever myself. Bad transactions and communication breakdowns happen. Instead of dwelling on the negative, just take it as lesson to read policies better and ask for updates/wips in the event things do not work out. These drama DMs (for all incidents, not just this one) only ruin my day and sours my enthusiasm about things we both like. While I would take breaks to refresh my enthusiam, I would be unable to do that if I'm being dragged into shit and unable to catch a break from it. I've mentioned that I don't want them in the past, and I don't feel like my wishes are being respected."


I feel like I'm not suppose to express anything at all. It's not healhty to keep my negative emotions bottled up, but nobody wants me to vent anywhere. What am I suppose to do, scream outloud and punch walls? Nobody gives me an exact answer on what I should do and I feel like I'm an animal with no mind of will!

previous entry: Artist blame me as the thief, even though I had a right on my money

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I know the feeling. Or they will either cut me off by changing the subject or change the subject after I finish. No one likes to feel unheard. Sorry you're feeling that way.

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