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You can't please everybody's Diary
by You can't please everybody

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Wasted my time getting back into Anpanman


So I've been into Anpanman again as I decided to collect the videos after taking a break from buying as I want to upload them to people that want to watch them. However, I feel like I wasted my time and money after a few snags.

In April, I noticed from my page that one of the episodes I posted back in late 2019 was unexpectedly removed as I was never given a warning. I decided to reupload the episode a day after, but soon the site mass deleted videos. At first it was as far back as early April, but over the next two days more have been removed so I only have less than 50 videos on the site (most of them are Anpanman related). I'm not sure if it was that certain episode that cause the trigger to get a chunk of the episodes to be gone or because I uploaded too fast, but I'm just upset that the hard work I did to rip some of the older episodes was a waste of time as I didn't expect this to happen. What's worse is that there is that I was never given n email on it. And I know you're gonna say that I'm in the wrong for posting videos. The thing is that I'm not trying to profit on the show, all I wanted was to share episodes of a silly anime that despite having a large following in its home country, it's not very well known outside Japan and if others do know, it's only either word of mouth or a glance of the products. This is Yo-kai Watch never got traction outside of Japan thanks to how it was handled. So for the past few months I've been busy reuploading the episodes along with some new ones.

Then around June, I got another lot of 12 DVDs for $70, but then there's a problem; about 1/4 of the set couldn't read. I sent out the scratched DVDs to a disc repair service, but they could only get two of them fixed while the one can't read at all. I contacted ZenMarket afterwards and showed them proof on what was going on. But they gave me this message. The seller won't give me a refund unless I send it back. But the problem is that I have to pay extra for international shipping. So I asked them if the seller can give me a partial refund, but it's almost a month and I never got that back. Now I'm not blaming ZenMarket for this as they aren't the ones selling the DVDs I bought. What I am mad is that the seller is stubborn to accept at fault and wanting me to pay extra money for shipping these if I want a refund. Which only makes the seller a scammer. And before anybody tells me that I should've read that it was used. Yes, I'm aware of that. But the thing is that I never had issues buying used DVDs from zenmarket, and this is the first time I was given a faulty product.

The final thing that made made upset was being banned just because someone in it doesn't like me. So I interacted with someone that also likes Anpanman and uploads episodes as well since the start of the year. Sometime last month, the user invited me to their server and never had any issues with it. But that changed a few days ago when they banned me. Even though we chat to each other for the past few months, the user suddenly believes this rando in the server that I was a bad person all because of the NSFW drawings I did and my past actions. Despite apologizing to the admin, they won't let me back into the server all. Why? Because of this: "I’m sorry, I don’t think so… the one who talked to me was extremely uncomfortable with you being there. I’m willing to give you a chance because you’ve changed, but it doesn’t feel fair of me to ask others to do the same. I wish everyone could get along well, but in a situation like this i have to prioritize people feeling comfortable and safe there."

That's it? All this time trying to help non-Japanese fans a way to watch the show without pirating and this is the thanks I get? I spend hundreds of dollars importing DVDs from Japan, only for Dailymotion to blacklist them months afterwards and going through to reupload them, and then a seller scams me for giving me a defective disc, and despite obeying the rules on the server, I was given a middle finger to everyone and treated as the bad guy? I just feel like Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation after his boss gave him a lousy gift.

previous entry: Everybody hates me venting

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I mean could you post them somewhere else?
I didnt know one punch man was based on that thats interesting

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