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You can't please everybody's Diary
by You can't please everybody

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Artist blame me as the thief, even though I had a right on my money


So a few months ago, I asked an artist for a comic commission and gave him every detail, but I never got any updates for several months despite asking them. And I was given the vague "takes time" as it doesn't tell me how exactly long the comic will be made.

I waited 5 months with no updates, with the artist telling me this with no progress. By this point, I was fed up and decided to get paypal involved.
So I decided to get my refund back, but not long after that, the artist was begging me to not refund the money back, but I'm tired of this waiting game with no updates on the comic. Not long after that, the artist blacklists me all because I wasn't waiting long enough, but five months is long enough.
So they wanted to frame me as the bad guy all because I got paypal involved, even though the artist hasn't promised me any updates with the comic. And I don't care if it says "No refunds", if you can't commit the customer, you lost their trust.
At the end, I got my money back, but now this user with over 10k followers is telling others that I'm in the wrong, even though he's not giving his promise on what I paid for.

next entry: Everybody hates me venting

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