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aka Dodgy Dave C..,
by Big Bruv Bloop

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Water, water everywhere!


Things are going ok at the moment. Sarah's having a bit of a bad time since going under general anesthetic at the dentists yesterday. Hopefully she'll be back to normal by tomorrow. I've been trying to rest and failing miserably lol. Always got something to do.
I've been working on some animation for some guys doing a 'meerkat' movie. It's very heavily based on the meerkats from the TV ads. Anyway, they've asked me to do some CG stuff for it involving water FX. I've just completed the first part. It's a waterfall in a back garden with a 'hidden' entrance.
Wednesday was my last karaoke at the Castle. It was a great night and I'll really miss working there. I'm thinking that I will use the Castle's open mic night for my first attempt at stand-up comedy. It's something I've been thinking about for quite a while and it really scares me. I can do the comedy when I don't have to but the thought of getting up with the sole purpose of making people laugh is terrifying.
The kids have just got new swimming gear. They look so cute lol. Guess we'll have to take them out and soak them now, eh?
Here's the video of the waterfall...


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previous entry: Buzzing

next entry: Behind the painted smile...

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