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aka Dodgy Dave C..,
by Big Bruv Bloop

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Had a great time at work today. Had to do a 70th birthday where I could choose whether to play music or sing. I chose mostly to sing. For four hours. A couple of other people at the party wanted to sing too, which was fine and really added to the evening. Got loads of compliments and people asking for my card at the end of the night. Those are the kind of gigs I love. Singing, watching people enjoy the songs and dance.

On the other hand, glad to not have any work now until Wednesday evening. It'll be nice to have a rest and some recreation. Going to an open mike night with Sarah tomorrow and then Sarah and I are taking Declan to see Toy Story 3 on Monday to reward him for getting an award in maths.

I'm very tired at the moment. Still buzzing a little from the gig but my legs are KILLING me.

Oh, yeah. Got all of the Worzel Gummidge DVDs for just £17.00. Looking forward very much to watching all of those. Started watching the first one today before I went to work and it's just as good as when I was just a kid. Also, enjoying the benefits of a 23 inch widescreen monitor with a HUGE resolution of over 2000 pixels across. Works great along with the Intuos4 tablet.

On a sad note, Alex Higgins died today after a battle with cancer. He was twice world snooker champion and was better known over here as Alex "Hurricane" Higgins. RIP


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    previous entry: Day in the life of me

    next entry: Water, water everywhere!

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