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aka Dodgy Dave C..,
by Big Bruv Bloop

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Behind the painted smile...


Got no work now for a few days. Had an, erm, interesting gig last night. One of those where nobody got up to dance but everyone said how great it was after the event. Strange.

The kids have all been drawing today. I'm not sure what they've been drawing but they enjoyed it, so that's cool. I'm going to start working on the next scene for the 'meerkat' movie today or tomorrow. It just involves poisoning a small flow of water. The strange thing about the scenes is, the ones I'm doing, they don't fit in with the rest of the movie. The other parts are all very simplistic drawings with gradients all over the place. The stuff I do is 3D graphics. It'll be interesting to see the finished product.

Things are cool at home. We're having spanish chicken today, chicken tikka in the week and, possibly, chile con carné too. Whatever happened to good ol' English grub? I'm not complaining though. It's all good.

Oh, one more thing. I painted a picture of an old clown today.


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    previous entry: Water, water everywhere!

    next entry: Spongebob Wallpaper

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    Aww depressing old clown! It's good you have some days off to relax and spend with the family ) Those are few and far between for us . When are you coming to visit .

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