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aka Dodgy Dave C..,
by Big Bruv Bloop

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Day in the life of me


Went to PC World today to ask about Sham's laptop. Unbelievably, it seems to be lost. They've given me a phone number to chase it up. It's been in there for a whole month just for a keyboard replacement.
Haven't walked today. Got work this evening at the Castle. It could be the last one tonight. If not, it will be next week. I'm going to miss working there.
We've actually got the curtains AND windows open today at home. It's nice.
I'm very tired and suffering from heartburn. Must remember to go to the doctors before I go back to work (or just after work) to pick up my medication.
School finishes this week. Got a gift of some posh teas from one of the kids' parents to say thanks for looking after them. Earl grey. I've always wanted to try Earl Grey ever since I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation! I bet it's horrible.
Declan got a trophy this week for excelling in maths. I've very proud of him. He's well brainy just like his little sister.
Sharmaine's got herself a Saturday job at Toni & Guys which is very impressive. I hope it leads to something very good for her.


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    previous entry: The Worm [3D Graphic Stuffs]

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    That's amazing- that they lost it! Why is the karaoke ending?

    [SteveStar|0 likes] [|reply]

    Earl Grey is awesome tea. I have it every morning before work. It's yumtastic!!!

    [The Spirit|0 likes] [|reply]

    Haha - Earl Grey tastes like perfume! Lady Grey, on the other hand, tastes like citrus - it's much nicer, but you hardly ever see it for sale.

    [PUCK POWERStar|0 likes] [|reply]

    That's good that Sharmaine is working now. Maybe it'll help her be more responsible! Good job to Declan for winning a maths trophy! Hopefully they get that laptop back to you. I'd be pissedddd! Not. Cool. Just come bring it to Steve, he'll fix it for you!

    [kel-syStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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