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the thoughts in my head
by *Ariel*

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last night


Last night Nick came round and I was in a fowl mood, sick of people, not feeling too great. And Nick just kept trying to be childish and aid he was trying to lighten the mood, however I said its not what I want at the moment.

He kept looking at me and saying how much he loved me and I said it wasn’t helping, but he kept doing it.

Is it wrong to expect someone to listen to what im saying and maybe try to act in a way that helps me out rather than pisses me off more?

He also gave me a gorgeous necklace that made me upset, because it said about soulmates and how he wants to be my last everything, and I said im just worried because I am disconnecting myself from him because of how he keeps treating me, and he just kept saying he is working on himself and we will be fine. And I felt like he wasn’t listening or didn’t want to listen to what I was saying.

previous entry: ectopic heartbeats

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That would piss me off. He's not making it about you and what you need, he's making it about him and what he wants. It isn't hard to listen to your partner and work with what they need, but he's not doing that.
If it happens again, try saying something like "you're not listening to me; I need you to do xyz instead of abc right now. If you can't do that, then I need to be alone."

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