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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Someone Else's Drama


One of my Supervisors is currently at risk of being evicted due to the actions of her boyfriend. Yep. You read that correcctly, my one or two readers. Her boyfriend has been behaving like a massive douchebag to their landlord since they moved in. In April. And he gave no inclination to her that he was doing this. So now, she's stressed out about her living situation. The landlord doesn't actually have a legal foot to stand on, but she's going to try and evict anyway. Sucks.  She's going to spend her entire evening at work freaking out, and then tomorrow have a pow wow with her mom. Honestly, he's also been treating her like she's not a human being, so my immediate thought is that he has to go. From what she's told me, he has zero respect for her or her feelings. He also clearly has something bothering him and isn't talking about it despite her asking if she can help him any. So I think she needs to bite the bullet that he's not in a place where he should be in a relationship. 


Also, he's one of those people who believes he's invincible, and is never wrong. In other words, a twenty-four year old male. Sorry for the stereotyping, guys, but a vast majority of males in this age group think this. 


It makes me so grateful for Chris. He has definitely shown me the difference between what a man is (him) and what a boy is. He would never behave this way. He doesn't just do things without thinking ab out how that may effect me. Not even close. 


I get that her boyfriend has helped her through her recovery of alcohol abuse and relationship abuse, but that's not a reason to stay with someone if they're treating you terribly. If it was, I'd still be with one of my exes, thinking it was okay to be controlled and emotionally abused. Like, come on, open your eyes. I know it's a hard decision to make, but in the long run, she'll be better off for it. 

previous entry: An Ode to The Flu Shot

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It's easier said than done, but YES - she needs to leave his ass! Hope she works it out. x

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