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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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An Ode to The Flu Shot


So hey! I got the flu shot this morning at work. I'm high risk so I get it early. Yay? Skipping the line is probably cool, I guess. Now, last year when I got it, I just had an itchy arm for a day, and a bit sore at the contact for two. This time. Wow. Okay, so I get it done in the morning. An hour goes by, and we're good. And then very suddenly everything is not okay. I very suddenly stop what I'm doing, and sort of run/walk to the staff bathroom. I spend half an hour on the toilet with hell pouring out of my poor bum. While I'm praying for death I google if having the poops is a side effect of the flu. Guess what, guys? Some people with other underlying issues are susceptible to diarrhea. Guess who has digestive problems due to an autoimmunde disease? Guess who had to tell her boss that she was having a bad reaction to the flu shot? Yeah. Me. What. The. Actual. Fuck. 


Luckily, since my boss is aware of my current health situation, he understood and made sure I didn't end up getting tied up doing things where I was stuck in one place. He did sort of shake his head, laughing, and said " Wow, Tiffany, your body hates you." Yes. I know. It literally is so stupid it attacks itself for no fucking reason other than the fact that a cool breeze blew by. My immune system is thus null and void because of it. I am super aware of how shitty my body is. It's a thing I get to deal with for the rest of my life. Hurrah!


Flu shots suck. And I'm not allowed to not get them. Fuck my life.

previous entry: Healthy Lifestyles #peptalk

next entry: Someone Else's Drama

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