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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Work Drama


Humdrum. It's almost two in the morning, and I am both tired and not. Work has been good and bad. One of my cashiers (who once upon a time was a supervisor) has decided she's going to give me stink eye perpetually. Not sure why. She came in on Tuesday, with the incorrect notion that she was going to be merchandising, where as a supervisor was actually the one scheduled to be that person. I didn't create this arrangement, so I'm not actually at fault. I just put the people where the schedule says to put them. She decided I was at fault here and her bad attitude stank all over the place. And then she left early anyway, so what was the big deal? And then she called in for today. And then showed up tonight while I was at work. I'm told that on the nights I don't close, she comes in two or three times. I wonder if it kills her to not be able to show up three billion times on the nights I'm in.  We used to be friends. She got complacent at work, lazy, started passing off tasks she can do onto me the next day. And I wasn't the only one to notice it happening. She was written up for it. And her response was to claim mental health issues and to take the entire spring and summer off. And now it's "happening" again because she doesn't take her medication. Before when she was written up, she decided I was the one who tattled on her, and she then unfriended me and blocked me on facebook. LOL This is a thirty-six year old woman with a twelve year old son, folks. She's behaving like a fifteen year old girl.


Frankly, I only care about if a person is a help or a hindrance at work. Are you going to make life difficult for me at work? If yes, stop wasting my time. If no, great, let's get shit done. With me, I keep my personal opinions of people separate from work. I am fully capable of treating people like coworkers at work, and still be friends outside of work. As it stands, I am friends with only management now. I'm chatty with others, but ultimately, I had people try very hard to get me in trouble for things I wasn't responsible for and I no longer spend time with people outside of work. I am cordial, professional, and polite, but I am not friends with people anymore. Why waste my time if they're just going to be catty bitches because I'm advancing at work and they aren't? How is it my fault they don't take the initiative? Oh, a position for Assistant Manager came up? Why yes I did apply. And guess what? I got it. Why? Because I worked hard for it, and showed that I can handle it. Idiots. 


In other news, we're probably going to get our first snow sometime in the daylight hours. Woooooo! I love the colder weather!

previous entry: Someone Else's Drama

next entry: Mental Illness Has Exploded At Work

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awraggh. I've been on the receiving end of the stink eye. I'm sorry.


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