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fart jokes are the best
by raen

previous entry: July 14, 2020

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July 30th, 2020


So the other night a lady asked me if I was pregnant while bending over to see my stomach. This question was asked right as I was just in the beginning stages of woring out four-five times a week. I'm in the middle of week three of this. And I'm both tired and proud, but that lady really took the wind out of my sails. I have to take a medication that causes some weigh gain, so of course I'm carrying a little extra weight right now. I've been making small changes since January and recently I started making bigger changes with my activeness. Apparently I look pregnant. Gee, thanks, random stranger. So rude.



Luckily, I'm comfortable enough in my own skin and I'm making changes to not look pregnant unless I become with child. But still, you should never say that to someone. ESPECIALLY someone you don't even know beyond asking them where stuff is at your work.


So how are you guys? What's new?

previous entry: July 14, 2020

next entry: August Has Arrived

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Christ. Why would you EVER comment on whether somebody looked pregnant or not?! What is wrong with people?

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